The Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Discussion in 'Audio' started by technokat, Apr 5, 2016.

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  1. Cuttershy

    Cuttershy Active Member

    Not sure i will replace my hammerhead pro v1 with this when mine break, the v2 seems pretty expensive for what it is.
  2. DieselLag

    DieselLag Active Member

    These look sooo goddam sexy omg
  3. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    Looks great! but I can't say the same for the price though...

    How was the V1 compared to the apple earbuds? Just curious since I haven't had a chance to try it. Thanks.
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  4. squeeze i think it's a matter of preference. One of the difference is that hammerhead is closed ear so u put the earplug in the hole of your ear. While the apple earbuds is like the traditional ones. I can't find the right word sorry lol. But hammer head has a better noise cancelling you know what i mean :)
  5. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    Great! I have been using those type of closed earbuds and i love that level of comfort. Let's hope Razer comes up with the type apple has too for more options.
  6. Zipz0r

    Zipz0r New Member

    Received some Pro V2s as a birthday present. Find out this morning they broke after TWO WEEKS of barely any use. Everything about them looks fine, no broken or frayed wires. The mic stopped working and jiggling the connection between the 3mm jack and the flat wire produces a large static sound so I'm assuming that's where the connection is broken.
  7. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    The design is great! The price... isn't haha
  8. dthrix

    dthrix New Member

    Same thing happened to me, I was very upset considering I payed $100 CDN. But I claimed them for a warranty so those are going to arrive in the near future. I'm afraid this is going to happen every two weeks so I may talk to Razer about this.
  9. Zipz0r

    Zipz0r New Member

    Just received my replacement pair today after going through the RMA. Let's see how long this pair lasts. I asked if I would be eligible for a refund if they kept breaking and they told me since its outside the 30 day window for returns (it took like 2 weeks for them to even receive the headphones for RMA), they didn't offer any refunds. So I guess I'll be doing this every 2 weeks until the warranty is up.
  10. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Had the for exactly a week and the volume controls on them have broken already

    Already contacted customer service but yeah £65 earphones lasted a week....
  11. Zipz0r

    Zipz0r New Member

    Update guys, the RMA headphones have failed with light use. A bit longer than the 2 weeks the original headphones but still not that great of a run time. Time to write a very strongly worded email to Razer.
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  12. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Are they just breaking in the way earbuds usually break? Where the sound goes out in one or both ears because the wiring broke somewhere and the audio comes back if you bend it in just the right way? I hate when that happens.

    Either way, thanks for the heads up. It's very helpful for us prospective buyers.
  13. SpectrL

    SpectrL Member

    Need some new headphones
  14. TuXuu

    TuXuu New Member

    EXACTLY same issue. Additionally, when using w/ my iphone, remote control randomly make fake-clicks on "-" volume button by some cords issue, i guess.
    w/ connected to my mac, it doesn't "see" mic from time to time. I mean, remote buttons are working, but in system settings input device is built-in mic and razer's mic does not respond.
    And what the most painful, that I've bout hammerhead pro v2 when I was in the trip and now cannot receive neither refund nor warranty service.

    I' ve had some issues with hammerhead v1, but after year of using and there was broken cable in one ear, but here.. 1 month and v2 is done because of MIC and REMOTE.
    Come on Razer.. I was your customer since 2010! And now I will think twice before purchase

    PS: how your story ended?
  15. Titapade

    Titapade New Member

    Hi, Hammerhead PROs have one small issue for me. When I call someone while I'm walking, hits of microphone to my chest are annoying. Everything other on phones is great :)
  16. TheMisterCasual

    TheMisterCasual Active Member

    The Hammerhead Pro V2 has an amazing design, way better than v1 and the carry case will come in handy to protect them can't wait to get mine
  17. DaanBlankie

    DaanBlankie Active Member

  18. Mrdaydreamer

    Mrdaydreamer New Member

    Hi everyone,
    My hammerhead v2 just gave up and won't work on any device. I'm sure the problem is on the 3.5mm. jack side/end of the cable, has anyone safely disassembled and assemble it back? if so please post some pictures/videos of the procedure for me to fix it. thanks.
    And, the earphones are way off their warranty period soooo.... only fixing it myself is the only way.
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