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The Razer Naga Chroma

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by technokat, Nov 6, 2015.

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  1. Mehcko

    Mehcko Member

    I can't Believe they made my favorite mouse with chorma integrated, it's so beautiful and i wish i had one.
  2. GenTheIdiot

    GenTheIdiot Active Member

    Should be.
  3. Haksunen

    Haksunen Active Member

    Never played WoW and still have Naga 2k14 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  4. Vector1

    Vector1 Member

    I have a hard time adjusting to the new button layout, personally the buttons 5,6 were much more suitable for me. I would love to see them return to their original place.
  5. I only see the wired version of this available. Can we expect a wireless version of this new 2015 Naga soon?
  6. thelittleblaze

    thelittleblaze New Member

    This is going to suit me really well, Thx Razer!
  7. Would something like this ever come in a left handed version? I enjoy the regular Naga but would like to get the wireless version with the chroma capabilities.
  8. GoneDrinkin

    GoneDrinkin Active Member

    I just bought a Razer naga from the black Friday sale that glows green, (and that is with the mechanical buttons right?) What's the difference between this naga Chroma and the green naga besides the 5G sensor and colours? Mechanical buttons etc all the same? Does the current naga (green/blue) supports the WoW in-game interface? Can someone or an administration clarify that? If it's vastly different I might just sell mine and get this instead!
  9. Dante85

    Dante85 New Member

    I want to buy a new mouse/mousepad/keyboard and the chroma series is very nice, but I am a lefty and there is currently no chroma lefty mouse available. Will there be a Razer Naga chroma left-handed mouse available in the next time?
  10. llLeftiyll

    llLeftiyll Member

    Really like the chroma version
  11. everSandville404

    everSandville404 New Member

    i dont know not really sure why the mouse os worth alot
  12. ajayllana25

    ajayllana25 New Member

    This is the best mouse i ever had. Super soft and really suite my taste, thank you for this design and for the suggestion of the Razer Epic Naga Chroma for me. I love you Razer.
  13. Ashurii

    Ashurii Member

    Probably going to be buying the mamba.. but I think I'll definitely add this to my list of things I definitely need. As someone who plays mmos and absolutely has to keybind everything. Mamba doesn't have as many mouse buttons as my old lachesis.. And I don't really like wireless stuff, so I'm happy they came out with this in chroma.
  14. zashel

    zashel New Member

    i ended up getting this because the right mouse button and the left finger buttons on my original blue glowing naga were intermittenly failing. which is really... really bad as a tank class haha. i do wich the two buttons on top were still to the left of the LMB though, made it easy to roll my finger over when i needed to.
  15. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    Just got my naga chroma, its pretty nice, the chroma effects really look good on the thumb pad
  16. pmai7

    pmai7 Active Member

    Love my naga; def. my go to mouse.
  17. Def gonna try and grab this mice! I have the old naga and the new mechanic keys are too good to pass up
  18. robotrampage15

    robotrampage15 New Member

    This is what the world needs to become better!
  19. AdamXA

    AdamXA New Member

    Looks pretty, but I don't think it'll replace my old Naga :slightly_sad: I think I have the 2014 version
  20. thegicko

    thegicko New Member

    And this is basically only useful for games like dota or lol? I play CSGO so im wondering if this is the best one for me
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