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Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by technokat, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. alfynokes

    alfynokes New Member

    I've registered here to find a solution to this problem as well. If you set the R2 trigger to faster firing, you cannot fire your hand cannon in Destiny the game. Pulse rifles seem to be unreliable too. Could you more fully explain your workaround please? I'm a newb when it comes to these things
  2. You need to enable hair trigger mode for it to work with the trigger stop. I had the same issue with Destiny ,L2 would work, but would have to press R2 really hard to get it to respond. Just enable hair trigger mode on R2. Press the mapping button, hold R2, press X, controller vibrates, you're good to go
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  3. (Post Firmware Update) Anyone having an annoying click in their right ear cup when headphones are plugged into the raiju? (tried different headphones) Every 10-15 seconds, like a static click (spark plug, if you will). Tried to connect the controller without pressing the PS button and you can still hear a click in the right earcup. Doesn't happen when I plug the raiju into a PC. I know it doesn't work with it, but you can still get white noise, because its powering the controller.
    Anyone has the issue, figure out a fix?
  4. alfynokes

    alfynokes New Member

    Thanks, did this, and put to profile 1.
  5. Zaphyr

    Zaphyr Member

    FYI, the headphone jack does work on PC too. Once the driver is installed you should see the Razer Raiju in your Playback/Recording devices lists. Set it to default and the audio output at the very least works, I didn't try a mic.

    It also has the same pop/click issue as PS4, sadly.
  6. gunjyguy

    gunjyguy New Member

    man i dont have issue infact raiju sticks dont even need freeks they are naturally artificially raised.
  7. gunjyguy

    gunjyguy New Member

    Hey be aware i use max sens in BF1 (higher then COD) and i have no issues infact i would say this is user error as chance of two defected same product is very low.

    maybe he needs git gud
  8. EthanH_no_id

    EthanH_no_id New Member

    Hi, I bought this controller last month and now I am having problems. I dont know why but it seems like I am always pressing some bottoms , for example in Smite, if I try to select a character, it is always moving like if I were pressing L1, and in FIFA, with the first first profile, I cannot use the triangle, and with the second it is like I was pressing L2 always, it is weird...
    On the other hand, I have a doubt, can I start my ps4 with this controller? If I try to do it, it does nothing, so I have to use the dualshock.
    Thanks in advance!!
  9. Zelkovae_no_id

    Zelkovae_no_id New Member

    what a s..t after 5 days the back left trigger is already broken. very disappointed for all this money!
  10. This maybe getting added to my Razer arsenal :)
  11. SnakeGuy123

    SnakeGuy123 Active Member

    Does it come with the case shown in the video?
  12. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Yep! :thumbsup:

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  13. SnakeGuy123

    SnakeGuy123 Active Member

    That is AWESOME! I saw that is said it includes one, but I wasn't sure is it was the good one in the vid. or a cheap drawstring bag like the mice.
  14. MagicDude4Eva

    MagicDude4Eva New Member

    Destiny player here. Is it possible to map L1+R1 (super) to one of the shoulder buttons? When trying to map it, the controller does not seem to take both buttons as a combo, but only maps the first one pressed (i.e. either melee or grenade).
  15. Deathadder00

    Deathadder00 New Member

    You can only map on button at a time, not two. What you could do is map both the L1 and R1 buttons to the triggers under the controller. Might make it easier.
  16. Staticks

    Staticks New Member

    I'm having the same problem as all the people above.

    It feels like the sensitivity suddenly goes really low erratically when moving the joystick around. This really affects my aim in Destiny.

    I'm returning this controller if this sensitivity issue isn't fixed.
  17. XtraTrstrL

    XtraTrstrL New Member

    Yeah, this is my issue with the Razer Wildcat currently. It disconnects with Gears of War 4 on PC constantly. I know it's not the hardware, because I have tested it with other PC games, like Binding of Isaac, and it doesn't disconnect at all. It's really annoying, because I like the controller alot, but it's basically unplayable with Gears 4, the main game I got it for. They should just have it go through the Razer Synapses app and update through that. Either way, they need to push a fix out ASAP for Windows 10 UWP games.
  18. So I was able to buy the Raiju for 122 EUR on 2nd June 2017 on Amazon but am disappointed heavily because I didn't know about the input lag problem of the controllers analogues sticks + triggers (hair trigger mode IS activated with holding programme button + holding the trigger and clicking X for both triggers) which everyone is reporting about everywhere (esp. on reddit)..

    I was a SCUF user for years but was sick of breaking paddles so I wanted to try out the Raiju, at the first look it seemed like a solid controller (it really is, but this input lag f***s everything up)..

    from minute 1 I noticed this lag with the Raiju in Infinite Warfare.. this lag is existant on every button of the controller, not just the right analogue stick.. you notice it the most on the right analogue stick because you use it the most in FPS games and aim with it.. but it does not change the fact that every button on the controller lags.. you can test this out by holding the D-Pad up on any menu and releasing it after about 1 minute.. you release the button but the scrolling will continue for like a second..

    It's really disappointing to experience this problem even though more than 6 months have passed since the first complaints about this problem were reported to Razer.. several people report returning the controller and getting new ones, but the problem still persists on the new ones.. so it has to do something with the firmware on the devices..

    speaking about the firmware.. yes I updated the firmware which really helped to reduce the likeliness of this input lag (from every minute to every 2-3 minutes) but it still happens too often.. and this added a random clicking in the right ear of my headset which was not there before the update!!

    Keeping the original retail pricetag (169.99 EUR) in mind this is a huge disappointment..

    Is there any info known that Razer WILL FIX THIS COMPLETELY via a firmware update? I mean are they working on it or nah? If no, I will send the controller back to amazon asap..

    What's the matter of having a WIRED controller if it eliminates the lag of being connected via Bluetooth but adds RANDOM lags which reduces your aiming skills heavily?

    Thank you for any answers in advance.

    Edit: My Support Case # is 01217633
  19. Okay I contacted the Razer Support and they answered very quickly, they sent me a link to Firmware v1.11 which I could not find anywhere publicly (just v1.01).. AND IT SOLVED ALL LAG ISSUES + the clicking which started to appear on my right earbud when I plugged in a headset after v1.01 went away too..

    Here is the link if anyone encounters the same problem:
  20. Pokygi

    Pokygi New Member

    I have the same problem.
    I tried downloading the link you posted, but I can not update the pad.
    I do not understand what links you gave, since I do not even open the update screen as in v1.01
    I would like to solve this problem, and I find it really absurd to have spent 169 euros to have this kind of problem.
    It's really ridiculous.
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