The Razer Raiju PS4 Controller

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by technokat, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Pokygi

    Pokygi New Member

    Ok, basically stop triggers do not work on ww2. Just take it off and it all works.
  2. You really need to help me too.
    I have downloaded version 1.01 and 1.11 on my PC. When I shut down my PC and open it again and I run version 1.01, I get the same image as you do on post #109. However the version number is 1.01.

    When I open 1.11, it will say another instrance in running if I do that once I have opened version 1.01. If I open it before version 1.01 file, it says value cannot be null and doesn't launch at all.

    What do I do? I only found version 1.01 devicedl file on app data -> local -> temp >RARsfx.
    I don't know version 1.11 devicedl file so how can I replace it?

    I've been struggling with this over a week but today I had time to do some advanced research but I jus't cant get this to work..

    EDIT: I have been in touch with Razer Support. They said they have compability issues with Windows 10! Unbeliable. They are willing to refund money, but you can troubleshoot on PC which has Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. I will try once more time on Windows 8.1 computer, but after that if the intermittent lag on the right stick doesn't solve or I am unable to patch to v. 1.11, I'm refunding my Raiju.
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  3. Miquinee

    Miquinee New Member

    Anyone using Razer Raiju for PC gaming?

    Has rumble/vibration been supported yet? Or is there a workaround?
  4. JasiorR_no_id

    JasiorR_no_id New Member

    For those who haveing problems with Firmware tool 1.11
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  5. Miquinee

    Miquinee New Member

  6. JasiorR_no_id

    JasiorR_no_id New Member

    now should work
  7. MagicDude4Eva

    MagicDude4Eva New Member

    If only Razer could actually post updated links to their firmware and release notes. It's becoming quite a joke for an "e-sports" controller to not have proper support.

    FWIW: Is there any way to turn down the rumble - that motor has the potential to rip ones hands off (noticed this again in Destiny 2 where rumble is super strong).
  8. JasiorR_no_id

    JasiorR_no_id New Member

    settings-->devices--> conttrolers--> turn off (i think there is no way to ,,turn down")
  9. eric.chan

    eric.chan New Member

    I think you need to activate the Hair Trigger mode for it to work...

    FAQ below:

  10. RuMbLePakK

    RuMbLePakK New Member

    Will this be coming to the United States? I really want one!!
  11. Mikewannabees

    Mikewannabees New Member

    Will this ever be released in the U.S.?????
  12. Mikewannabees

    Mikewannabees New Member

    Been waiting myself, been really interested in this controller for a while but I guess we will never see it in the U.S.
  13. Vicious12

    Vicious12 Active Member


    I tried to replace Raiju thumbstick to interchangeable Xbox Elite controller thumb stick.
    But Xbox thumbstick is too short and thumbstick knob is lower than original Raiju.
    Maybe Wolverine's thumbstick is fit for this.
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  14. rkmcerlane

    rkmcerlane New Member

    Please bring it to NA.
  15. I have 1.01 in zip file but 1.11 not have anyone the zipfile link for me
  16. Ninehneh

    Ninehneh New Member

    do you have a step by step how you opened up the controller? having a problem where the left thumstick seems to have resistance ( like something is stuck behind it).
  17. I was so happy when I bought that controller but not recommended this controller to any one after two days one analogy star make funny noise and one of the trigger stop working at all. I hope that another people have more luck
  18. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I don't know, maybe you should have taken that back and exchanged it when you noticed the problem. Or used Razer Support to help you. They're is bound to be some defective products every once in a while. Even Razer can't bat a 1000 every time.
  19. RazerSapiyo

    RazerSapiyo Community

    Hi @DarkSpringGreeneasy701, that shouldn't happen. I have reached out to you via PM, please reply me there.
  20. jurdos

    jurdos New Member

    i have a really bad experience.. The controler is fine.. buuut maaan....

    I got the first controller.. the left stick start grinding after 4 hours.. I change it.. with the second THE SAME!!!!
    The third one.. stil grind a very little but ok, u can play BUT... left stick lags from time to time.. every 10 15 min for a second..

    MAN!!!!! A 160 euro controler!!!! And now I can not even update the fucking firmware!!!!
    can somebody please show me where I can get 1.01 firmware?? So I can try the trick??

    This is bullshit.. Otherwise I will go change another.. I would not racomand this controller to anybody becouse of the issiues and becouse RAzer support dont give a shit about
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