The Razer Stargazer

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by technokat, Jan 6, 2016.

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  1. Hozimina

    Hozimina Member

    So clear and neat, thank you razer.
  2. Xiopiche

    Xiopiche Member

    This cam is crazy
  3. RazBB

    RazBB New Member

    That is so cool, won't fit on top of my laptop though haha.
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  4. agordon117

    agordon117 Member

    So, what's the deal with the 6th gen processor requirement? You mean any old 6th gen will work, but my 6 core 4930k @ 4.3GHz won't? Seems like a lot of work just to limit the amount of systems this is compatible with. I've been waiting for this product for a long time, i'd hate to have waited for nothing.

    Even further still, i own a 2014 and a 2015 blade. Surely the camera can't be incompatible with my 3 month old blade.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2016
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  5. Really looking forward to this! I was just going to pick up an AT 2020 and this will fit perfectly with that for streaming :D
  6. Wonginator88

    Wonginator88 Member

    can't wait looks sweet!!
  7. RifleMatthew

    RifleMatthew Member

    When I get this I'll finally be able to hide the mess that is my room XD
  8. modallogic

    modallogic Member

    Really really looking forward to this!
  9. endlessfq

    endlessfq Member

    I really glad that I did not buy the Logitech webcam. Razer for life in every aspect of my life.
  10. TOT3m1c

    TOT3m1c New Member

    Please support Windows 7 as well. I prefer to avoid Windows 10 and Microsoft's 'telemetry'.
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  11. spacestationbest769

    spacestationbest769 New Member

    I am definitely going to want to check this thing out and can't wait to review it.
  12. Hyicen1o1

    Hyicen1o1 New Member

    This... this right there, is the story of my life....
    Gets okay thing cause the thing you want isn't out... no more than a week later the thing your really want comes out.... FFFFFUUUUUUU!!!!
  13. FoxhoundCS

    FoxhoundCS Member

    This looks Really cool, I might buy one
  14. coolOPALFolly625

    coolOPALFolly625 New Member

    Hehehe now a webcam that comes in chroma and Ill be happy! I need to find some chroma speakers too. Addicted to croma ;-)
  15. Detective_Chimp

    Detective_Chimp Active Member

    The Chroma Leviathan and Seiren will probably be coming next year :)
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  16. JTranAway

    JTranAway Member

    Might start streaming cause of this
  17. coolOPALFolly625

    coolOPALFolly625 New Member

    I already stream here and there. but I love the chormas!
  18. VinceThePrince

    VinceThePrince New Member

    I have the same 4930k, I'm currently upgrading to Win10 for this cam!
    If it's incompatible, there are many business grade webcams, that could suffice "Razer"!
    I'm also posting this for an answer to OP's question.
  19. VinceThePrince

    VinceThePrince New Member

    Dear Razer,

    I swear that my order for the the Logitech C-920 was being processed by the time I heard about the StarGazer, which I cancelled, right now I'm upgrading to Win-10 as well just for this "Webcam".
    But the C-920 will still be on the table unless you cam impress me with the video quality of this "Webcam", Seriously if this thing performs less than the PS4's eye cam, I'm ruling it out, because I expect more out of my money aside from bragging rights and logo demonstration, I won't settle for exceptional quality and be happy with the price for the added features, this thing is branded as the worlds most advanced "WebCam"
    and it should function beyond any on both consumer and business class!
    There are business class "WebCams" that cost less than this and thus far I think I can infer that could supply better video quality, and I won't change my mind unless you make me Razer!

    Best Regards
    The Prince
  20. holyfiregirl

    holyfiregirl Member

    No, no, no... If i spend 200 euro's on a webcam i am using it for everything. Gaming video's, streaming, make up video's with super close up, product pictures taken without a green screen etc etc..

    Also, if i would have a setup with multiple people in the room,
    but i would only want to record my own face, is that possible?
    Also, when will this be available in Europe? :D
    Please Razer make it the best of the best :heart:
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