The Razer Wildcat for Xbox One

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by technokat, Aug 28, 2015.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member


    Meet the new Razer Wildcat Controller for Xbox One:

    The new Razer Wildcat is built on a legacy left by award-winning controllers like the Razer Onza and Razer Sabertooth. It is the result of constant feedback with eSports athletes and gamers worldwide and we’re more than proud of what we have here.

    Sporting a new ergonomic shape, the Razer Wildcat is 25% lighter than other tournament grade controllers of its class. It is forged to deliver the unfair advantage through an optimized layout and more – four rebind-able multi-function buttons on top of your conventional array and a quick control panel to create dedicated button layout profiles for different games on the fly.

    Designed for unrivalled durability, the Razer Wildcat outlasts and outplays the competition with reinforced carbon steel analog stick shafts, removable aircraft-grade aluminium triggers, a carry case and optional palm grips and analog stick grip caps.

    Dominate with game-changing advantage on the Razer Wildcat Controller for Xbox One:

  2. DawsonJr

    DawsonJr Active Member


    Looks like a nice controller! Any idea if those side grips will be available for the Xbox 360? Would LOVE to have some for mine! :D


  3. Odesius

    Odesius Active Member

    Sweet hope it works with pc just as well as the Sabertooth.
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  4. IndieKings

    IndieKings Active Member

    It's such a clean slick pretty controller, competing with the Xbox One Elite controller I'm assuming since they are in the same price range.
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  5. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    I would recommend this to my cousin who owns a xbox one.
  6. PandaCrafter2

    PandaCrafter2 Member

    It's time to replace my old Xbox controller
  7. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    It is further improved from our experience with the Onza and Sabertooth :)
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  8. Foxman150

    Foxman150 Member

    I will have to get my hands on one of these as soon as they are for sale!
  9. ToBeOrNotTobia

    ToBeOrNotTobia New Member

    Will be compatible also with PC and Mac?
  10. Bule1101

    Bule1101 New Member

    I like the color
  11. S3IJI

    S3IJI Active Member

    Looks really awesome! Is it possible to make a statement if the Wildcat will also works on PC? : D because the Wildcat provides all things I am currently looking for! customization with the four additional trigger,... , the size of the Xbox One controller is way better than all other currently available controllers and if this one is lighter thats another reason to get one if it's compatible with pc :D!
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  12. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    Please make a PC version :D
  13. xByakko

    xByakko Member

    looks sexy as hell o_O
  14. com907532

    com907532 New Member

    omg I need this!
  15. DrQuach

    DrQuach Member

    Alright!!!! Now I don't need my brother's old controller
  16. deviousst

    deviousst Member

    Oh Yeah!!!! will have to get one to replace xb1 controller for my pc
  17. FranBunnyFFXII

    FranBunnyFFXII New Member

    Razer, if you're going to make perifpherals like this, that we can use on PC, you might as well make them Synapse 2.0 compatible and PC user friendly.

    I got the Razer Sabertooth, and it has all these nice functions that would go great with PC, except the controller does nothing for PC other than just be a regular controller.

    And now the WildCat is doing the same thing?

    Razer, your biggest pull is in PC, and PCs can and do use controllers a lot, so why not make this one part of your Synapse 2.0 line up?
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  18. Vivulux

    Vivulux Active Member

    Planned on buying the X1 Elite Controller until this came out. Just the mic-mute/unmute button on the bottom of the controller wins me over. GG WP Razer.
  19. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    UGH, I have wanted this for soooo long... but I had also finally convinced myself that my sabretooth was perfectly fine and that I don't need another pc controller..... and I already have a modded xbone controller..... grr my wallet hates you
  20. SnipeAHolic12

    SnipeAHolic12 Active Member

    Well, time to upgrade from my sabertooth! (Maybe one day that is)
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