The Razer Wildcat for Xbox One

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by technokat, Aug 28, 2015.

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  1. kingadjon

    kingadjon New Member

    Audio jack is NOT compatible with PC. I just bought one after reading on their support page that it is fully compatible on PC. Support verified today that it is not.

    This is a direct quote from Razer product support page as of 11/17/2016 (see link):

    "Can I use my Razer Wildcat on the PC?
    Absolutely! Your Razer Wildcat is fully PC compatible, just plug the USB connector of your Razer Wildcat into the USB port of your PC and wait until the Xbox One Controller drivers are automatically installed on Windows 10."

    I would just appreciate some clarity on compatibility when I spend $150 on a controller...
  2. SpectrL

    SpectrL Member

    Does it have paddles on the back like scuf
  3. Camelurbandepot773

    Camelurbandepot773 New Member

    am waiting for a ps4 controller
  4. DavidMGS

    DavidMGS New Member

    Would be nice to get one for christmas :smile_:
  5. geoPaleRobinEggBlue893

    geoPaleRobinEggBlue893 Active Member

    It looks absolutely fantastic! The theme is great and those grips on the side are amazing.
  6. SavySavoyer

    SavySavoyer New Member

    I would be amazing if you guys could make a PC-focused Controller, with Synapse integration, Wired or Bluetooth/wireless choice, and even Chroma features. That would be awesome. Or perhaps, make a Wildcat V2 (Wired/Wireless choice, Rubberized body, with more costumization), to go with the new Xbox S/Scorpio....
  7. Hxshbrrxwn

    Hxshbrrxwn Member

    I really need this to complete my setup
  8. CarlX99_no_id

    CarlX99_no_id New Member

    Does this controller have a rapid fire option?
    I suffer from arthritis and would really like a controller with a rapid fire option where you can turn it on or off and for any button.
    The only controllers that have these options are generally poor quality budget controllers which I would not want to use.
  9. Subtech117

    Subtech117 New Member

    I am looking to upgrade. Anyone have a Elite and compared it to this? The elite looks to have some serious buttons falling off issues.


  10. Siyq2

    Siyq2 New Member

    Has anyone purchased this? And is it worth the price?
  11. XtraTrstrL

    XtraTrstrL New Member

    I just started having an issue on PC. I have been playing Gears of War 4 on PC with the Wildcat fine up until today. Suddenly it desyncs constantly, and the player spins in a circle, firing indefinitely until I unplug and replug it. It seems similar to the Xbox One issue I read about that happens with the a mic plugged into the 3.5 jack. I'm not using the jack though, I have a Hyper X Cloud II that is plugged in through usb.

    I tried doing the firmware update anyways. That didn't seem to do the trick. I don't know what else to do now, but hope it's something that can be fixed through software.

    Edit: I may have fixed the issue, I haven't tested for long enough to be sure yet though. I noticed my Hyper X Cloud II, although it doesn't connect to the 3.5 jack on the controller like what causes issues on Xbox One, it's 3.5 cord wasn't securely placed into the socket of it's usb adapter that goes to the PC. I feel this could have caused the issue, not positive, I'll have to have longer play sessions first, and make sure the controller doesn't lock up & get stuck.

    Also, support got back to me, but clearly didn't read my issue and gave a generic suggestion of updating the drivers and trying to connect to "another Xbox One" although I have no Xbox One and my issue is on Win 10 PC. Anyhow, the 1 match I played of Gears 4 so far it didn't have any disconnects. I'm also using the 2nd profile this time as another possible fix. I'll update if the issue arises again.

    Edit 2: I tested some more, and my conclusion is that it's Profile 1 that is having an issue. Profile 2 doesn't seem to desync at all. I still feel it's more than likely some software issue and not broken hardware. I hope they aren't done putting out firmwares for this controller, because I feel a new firmware or driver could clean the issue up.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  12. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Hey there, so they kinda HAVE to suggest the basic bland troubleshooting steps first, stick with the support ticket and when you have satisfied their basic support script they should escalate you to an engineer and get to the bottom of the issue and/or arrange for an RMA if necessary.

    I get why you posted here, but Insider is not designated for support, so the best way forward is through official channels.
  13. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

  14. XtraTrstrL

    XtraTrstrL New Member

    Yea, I find it weird that they don't have a support section in the forums though. Wouldn't it make sense to have one? So we don't have to wait over 24 hours to get a response, and folks other than the support team could have an answer to your issues many times and respond in <1 hr. I still feel it's not a hardware issue, with it being so new, only like 10 days old, and I haven't dropped it or anything. I feel it's some sort of software/firmware issue.
  15. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    The reason there isn't a support section on Insider is they are really trying to capitalize on the community aspect, and if it became a support forum the front page would be flooded with nothing but support tickets and the community stuff would just get drowned out. I have suggested they make a support forum on a separate site. I know they hired a new guy to oversee support and have some changes coming up due to all the feedback they have gotten. So hopefully things improve soon.
  16. XtraTrstrL

    XtraTrstrL New Member

    I hear you @Destrok, it still seems like a bad move to me. Either way, I noticed someone I was playing Gears of War 4 with last night on Windows 10 also having the same issue with this controller. I highly doubt it's hardware malfunctioning.

    I believe Razer needs to examing this issue with the most current version of Windows 10 and probably generally with UWP games or even Gears of War 4 specifically. I believe they need to update the firmware and/or driver, to alleviate this issue. It's very annoying, and I highly doubt a replacement will fix the issue. They have to put out an update. They should just have it updated through the Synapses software like others suggest, I already have that for my DeathAdder Elite.

    Regardless, it's something that cleary needs looking into.
  17. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Yeah it sounds like software interfacing issues to me. I just meant they might send you a replacement if it was a hardware issue. Either way, as long as you keep in touch they will get someone working on the problem. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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