The Razer Wildcat for Xbox One

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by technokat, Aug 28, 2015.

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  1. Cookie93

    Cookie93 New Member

    Was hoping for a launch before Black Ops 3 so I could test it up against a Scuf on the new game. Could any staff give some info on anything that is going on?
  2. PUSSS

    PUSSS New Member

    I got one as well, the paddles I keep hitting accidentally too, they are too close together. A solution might be cut the upper paddles where they bend so they become a button press. The Rocker arms are way better. You can NOT map the Start and Back buttons (only if MS have an update) as you can with the Sabertooth. I use this for PC gaming and is useless if cannot map these buttons. Looking forward to the Razer Wildcat.
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  3. As I haven't heard any news lately of the Wildcat, I just went ahead and ordered a new Sabertooth for $50 from the MS Store. Maybe Razer will do the loyalty promo for Sabertooth owners and give a discount on Wildcat controllers. Either way, I'm taken care of. Just hope to hear some news soon about the Wildcat release date.
  4. RunningCondor

    RunningCondor New Member

    Alright guys. The controller comes out on the 23rd of november.Got an email from razer and it is now available for pre order.
  5. truckRoseTaupebuzz376

    truckRoseTaupebuzz376 Active Member

  6. Vandrill

    Vandrill Member

    Isn't $150 a lot, considering the Sabertooth is only $80 at the moment?

    XAEROCOOL Member

    Dunno if this can beat the microsoft elite controller.
  8. doomddo

    doomddo Member

    So whats the biggest differences between sabertooth & Wildcat?
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  9. haunting

    haunting New Member

    nice but too expensive for me :slightly_sad:
  10. josuv22

    josuv22 Member

    when I looking through pictures back then and I saw this fancy xb one controller I thought that must be something from Razer.

    But yeah I would like a detailed comparison between too. to see which one would suit me the best
  11. jefferywang

    jefferywang Active Member

    We need junglecat for apple !!!! not that faking wildcat !!!!!!!!! release jungle cat plz! omg!
  12. PUSSS

    PUSSS New Member

    The Wildcat has two less button to program than the Sabertooth. The big pisser is you cannot map all of the buttons like in the Xbox Elite controller.
  13. batboy555

    batboy555 New Member

    Those grips look pretty awesome. fit the design correctly imo. can't wait to order mine soon
  14. sharpGOGreendome140

    sharpGOGreendome140 New Member

    DO NOT BUY THIS CONTROLLER!!!! I used it for 1 WEEK and the left bumper is already broken with MODERATE use. I can't believe how cheap the build quality is for $160....
  15. San11

    San11 New Member

    i need a another xbox one controller and i found the perfect controller and its the razer XD
  16. Revelment

    Revelment New Member

    Hey lads

    Wildcat isn't registering with my PC. Won't recognize it at all. Any ideas?
  17. Has anyone found a way to make M3 and M4 dead without disconnecting them? My Xbox is also my blu ray player. Seems like this should have been the default mapping, I mean who needs the regular triggers twice?

    Other than that, this is THE controller. I guess time will tell in terms of build quality, but the layout and shape is pretty much perfect.
  18. Is the texture on the handles the same material used on the Death Adder? As much as I like the grips, I wish they were less "slimy" feeling and more grippy.
  19. Elthesensai_no_id

    Elthesensai_no_id New Member

    They need to show some love to Apple and Sony.

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    MEGACRANK New Member

    Loving my Wildcat, so far. Just wondering if there will be a longer compatible USB cable available for sale, in the future. I tried a longer cable that I had, but it wouldn't fit. I'm currently using a USB extension cable, but a single cable would be ideal.
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