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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Lightbringer, Mar 27, 2016.

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  1. TrueLightbringer

    TrueLightbringer Active Member

    As you've noticed, 2016 has been a landmark(ish) year in terms of systems for Razer: the release of the Razer Blade Stealth, the Razer Core and the "New Razer Blade" (2016). It's definitely been really great for Razer's customers who have now owned one of those/have pre-ordered one of those items.

    That is, those customers who live in the USA and Canada. The rest of the world however, has nothing so far but empty promises and quite a number of healthy alternatives to choose from.

    If you live in the US or Canada, then obviously, this isn't for you. I've just seen a lot of people asking questions like, when is this going to be released in Europe? Or when is this going to be out in Australia? These questions either get answers that turn out to be false ("It ships to Europe in March '16.") or non-answers ("It'll be up on the Store very, very soon.").

    It's unfortunate, but Apple, the company that I constantly roll my eyes at and whose products are often used as a weaker competitor to Razer's products, makes darn sure that everyone who wants their products, can get one. The latest iPad Pro was available in 11 countries (and even more in the coming weeks) for pre-order on the 24th of March, three days after its announcement, and the first batch will be delivered on the 31st, one week from the first pre-order group.

    I don't expect Razer to have the same production/distribution capabilities as Apple, but 3-4 months with no real ETA, and even rumors of further delays to June, makes this whole thing very unpleasant.

    It doesn't help that Razer does not have an international warranty like Apple does. That just means we're stuck having to wait behind the customers in North America, which is kind of unfortunate since the laptops aren't even made in the US in the first place, and that there is usually a mark-up price for products purchased outside of the US. Razer claims it doesn't, but simple conversion math (as you'll see below) will tell you that there is.

    Basically, we don't even have the alternative of buying a Blade from the US at a vastly cheaper price before shipping it home, like one could with an international warranty. Even those who have no trouble paying, have to wait behind every American who wants one (which gets shipped all the way from a factory in China, lol).

    So this thread is a public service area, for us to ask questions, to share new information that we may have found either on Facebook, Twitter, or any other method, about how us second-class customers can get our hands on Razer's systems as soon as possible, so we don't ask irrelevant/non-useful questions in the stickied threads.

    So let me start the ball rolling:

    For those living in specifically Singapore, and generally Asia Pacific:

    Razer Blade Stealth 2K/QHD
    - Pricing and orders opened on Jan 6
    - Supposed to be available in Asia Pacific end of March to April
    - Available for purchase on the RazerStore on 3rd May (source).
    - Not available for pre-order/sale at local retailers as of 24th April.

    Razer Blade Stealth 4K/UHD

    - Pricing and orders opened on Jan 6
    - Supposed to be available in Asia Pacific end of March to April
    - Available for purchase on local Razer Store on 3rd May.
    - Available for purchase at a Singapore retailer called Gamerprosg.
    - 2249 SGD (1639 USD) for 256 GB, 2499 SGD (1821 USD) for 512 GB, 7% GST included
    - Comes with free Razer hoodie

    Razer Core
    - Announced on Jan 6, pricing and pre-orders opened on 16th March
    - No news on availability in Asia Pacific
    - Not available for pre-order/sale on the local RazerStore as of 24th April.
    - Not available for pre-order/sale at local retailers as of 24th April.

    New Razer Blade (2016)
    - Pricing and pre-orders opened on 15th March
    - No news on availability in Asia Pacific
    - Not available for pre-order/sale on the local RazerStore as of 24th April.
    - Not available for pre-order/sale at local retailers as of 24 April.

    Alternatives I'm Considering:

    The Dell XPS 13 seems like the best ultrabook on the market now, after the Stealth. In fact, it only loses to the Stealth in terms of appearance. I might purchase it if I deem that I need an ultrabook to work with immediately, rather than wait a further unknown time period for the Stealth.

    I don't have a need for the Razer Core immediately, nor the Razer Blade 2016, nor do I feel there are acceptable alternatives to these. There are no substitutes, as my professor would say.
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  2. DiMadre

    DiMadre Member

    Great story. I completely agree. But I think you forgot something; the Stealth looks great (except for the ugly glossy touchscreen) compared to the Dell. But did you see these bunch of threads about quality issues here?
  3. Lumilol_no_id

    Lumilol_no_id New Member

    I do not completely disagree with you. But you have to consider that Razer sold a ton of the RBS model already. If you add all these "qualitiy issue" threads together you get, lets say 5% out of all sold devices? (Adding a questionmark here because it´s just a made up figure, I believe nobody can say for sure how many devices they already sold)

    The biggest hold back for me actually is how razer will honor the warranty in places like europe. Does anyone here have any experience with razer support regarding systems?
    I own a few razer products like peripherals and if they are broken I just RMA them at my localdistributor.
    I am a bit worried that i have to sent it back to the US because my device is faulty from the start and wait the usual repair time of two weeks plus shipping.
  4. Recaro

    Recaro New Member

    So far for Blades purchased in Europe...there is a chance that you get it repaired in Europe. Afaik they have a few parts for repairs and replacements for the blade 14.

    But thats all I know at the moment.
  5. TrueLightbringer

    TrueLightbringer Active Member

    "The Dell XPS 13 seems like the best ultrabook on the market now, after the Stealth. In fact, it only loses to the Stealth in terms of appearance." - First post, second last paragraph.

    But that's the point of having a local distributor isn't it; you're supposed to RMA it to them, instead of sending it back to the US. The same should go for systems.
  6. Recaro

    Recaro New Member

    Yeah but in another way...we are talking about Razer...not Apple or Dell.

    Razer is a small Company in US and for the size of far as I know they really are great in term of support.

    At the moment Razer is working with Lenovo to expand everything global. Support..logistic and stuff.
  7. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    I talked to my friend who works for MS and has a friend who works for Razer, and he said March-early April from the start. However, given that it's now looking like it's going to be delayed again, it sounds like that they've run into some manufacturing/distribution problems.

    I don't have much hope for the core, tbh. We've got a razer store here full of razer blades and razer blade pros which they don't actually sell; all they sell are a bunch of mice and keyboards around the walls. It might be literally 2017 before it's even possible to buy a core here-- and I promise I won't wait that long if there is another option.
  8. Spanker_

    Spanker_ New Member

    As someone that has been waiting for quite a while for the EU release of the stealth I'm quite disappointed.. They don't seem like they will be releasing it this month and give no specific dates either.
    As a college student my only interest in buying the stealth ultrabook is to be able to work with it in college. I don't need a laptop for work when I'm on summer vacation. By that time new ones would have probably come out that have better specs than the stealth like the CES Asus ultrabook with external GPU.

    Also I don't really want to use 3rd party services like HIDevolution because its a bit of a gamble.
  9. Recaro

    Recaro New Member

    You shouldn't. Instead Razer should keep their promises ...and at least give a damn release date and the chance to preorder it.

    At the moment there is absolutly zero information on the homepage about the Stealth. If Razer does not want to sell the Stealth...they should just tell the people.
  10. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    Setting up distribution channels around the world is just insane. Sure the big companies have done this, but for small companies it is a nightmare. Just look at what it takes to sell just in Europe. You will see that the price jumps from country to country. That extra money goes to someone who does not want to loose their revenue stream. Then there are the laws in each country. I have no doubt that Razer wants to sell their goods in every country.
  11. PumpkinDoodle

    PumpkinDoodle Member

    I hope Australia's pricing for the Stealth is as close as possible to the US pricing after conversion.
  12. Lumilol_no_id

    Lumilol_no_id New Member

    Ok i guess we all understand that razer is not too well established on the european market. But they could atleast provide us with further information. Its not like demand is not high enough to care for the european market.
    Dealing with this issue the way they do seems just so unprofessional...
  13. paulnico

    paulnico New Member

    Agree with the comments, I'm just finding it frustrating.
    They should at least give the rest of the world the option of buying from the US store and letting us pay our own shipping and import duties. Given this option I'd even take on the burden of having to return it to the US at my own cost for any warranty issues.
    By not allowing us this basic option they inadvertantly created a bunch of non razer affiliated company's that sell the same models at inflated prices to the rest of the world.
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  14. Recaro

    Recaro New Member

    Ye but we are talking about Razer. We have tons of Razer stuff here. You can get Razer mices and keyboards and all that stuff everywhere here in Germany. So why not the systems?
  15. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    To clearly answer this - it is often a hard choice to make given the way we operate. We want to make sure we deliver to standards. There's no point providing a specific date to have us rush it out by then, or miss it and further disappoint the fans - it will be ready when it is ready. If we're finally confident of a date you will be the first to know.

    We can certainly understand the frustrations coming from the enthusiastic fans anticipating the product in the region, while I can say we're working as hard as we can to make products available to as many places as we can - there are sometimes underlying considerations that can fall out of our control.
  16. Blockmonster57

    Blockmonster57 Active Member

    "Small" It has just a, emm, small loan of 15 billion dollars... Everyone has more
  17. Recaro

    Recaro New Member

    We compared them with Apple and Dell :)
  18. Ryhart

    Ryhart Active Member

    Nice write up
  19. Shirleja

    Shirleja Member

    Very good topic.

    Razer could alleviate a lot of stress and displeasure with an international warranty, it's really that simple. If they restructured their warranty where it was honoured when the respective country/region had that specific system in distribution, we could buy from the US with confidence in product support down the line.

    I'm from the UK and I visit the USA in 6 weeks, I would buy a new Blade in a heartbeat even though I'm aware it won't be distributed in the UK months down the line. That's FAR better than having an issue with a 2 grand machine six months later and being absolutely screwed because I bought it elsewhere.

    It's 2016 man, and Razer is creating products to rival (and beat) industry leaders. It's horrible business leadership to NOT offer the requisite consumer support to accompany the premium products.
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  20. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    Yeah, it's ridiculous they don't have a global warranty on 1-2k usd products. Every laptop I've ever owned had an international warranty, and the scary thing is that I needed to use them. I'm not buying a blade that will cost me 400 shipping + parts + labour to fix.
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