The Tombstone of Razer Cortex

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by vzr314, Feb 14, 2018.


Will You keep running Razer Cortex with Paid to Play off on your PC?

Poll closed Mar 1, 2018.
  1. Sure.

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  2. Not a chance!

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  3. I will give it some thoughts

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  1. vzr314

    vzr314 New Member

    With Paid to Play shutdown, my Razer Cortex is scheduled for uninstall. I don't want to sound fainthearted, but simply logic behind keeping it running on my PC dies to. Here are some thoughts, please share your opinion (if you agree or disagree):

    1. What is the point of game booster? I have to keep running robust piece of software to stop some services and unload some asserts from RAM which almost don't waste any resources, I mean seriously, it's 21st century, in my case unloading few dozen MB of RAM make things slower, require more CPU cycles to reload required assets for multitasking, and it's a droplet in the ocean if You have 16Gigs...

    2. Gamecaster - this is discontinued long ago... At the time, I even wanted to pay for premium version to stream without watermark... But lets face the facts here: This software is well outperformed by ReLive and Shadowplay, and even some 3rd party streaming platforms (like OBS) which can utilize full potential of hardware encoders embedded in modern GPUs. Nowdays, Gamecaster will drop more FPS than any maintained piece of software.

    3. Game deals - Yet another game market... If I need, Steam and GoG to play all the games I like, why for Christ sake I should keep this installed, besides all three game markets mentioned? I am asking here what is the benefit from game deals, enlighten me, I am not well informed about this one.

    4. Reedem rewards - Country list is seriously trimmed off, if I want to claim my reward, hypothetically, I would need to send this item to a friend who lives in neighbor country, than he would send this item back to me. Imagine now, all shipping costs and customs I would pay... Total nonsense... To bad, I was hoping I will get full metal jacket for QWEASD on my BlackWidow...
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  2. mo-iro

    mo-iro Active Member

    I personally never used any feature on cortex, and there's about a month I'm not using it anymore, I changed my setup and don't any reason to install it. Now that p2p is no more I have a reason to keep it that way, but I don't know, maybe someone can still think it's usefull for some reason and keep using it.
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  3. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    I'm keeping it for the other rewards / daily logins, and I do like the little deals page and such that the software has too, sometimes it awares me of games that are on for free and good deals.
  4. coolYaleBlueclub124

    coolYaleBlueclub124 New Member

    I guess that when you live in a country where you can get the rewards it makes more sense, but still you never know and maybe someday you will be able to get this rewards directly to your house. For now you can just collect it and hope that this day comes.
  5. iobhuva

    iobhuva Well-Known Member

    Agree, the main purpose of Cortex on my machine was P2P. I have a low-end device which means I cannot play with any other app open and Cortex actually slows it down. (FYI I do not have ANY other applications at all so makes sense)
  6. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    I'm gladly keeping it for the deals, much easier than checking Steam/Origin/Gamersgate/Indiegala/Uplay etc for the best deal. And the daily login.
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  7. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    Well if you abandon Cortex it's as you abandon getting the daily login silvers, which will have a disadvantage on you if you still looking to redeem items. I did used the booster on rarely occasions and so the caster to make some screens and vids but i just like it to be in the top left corner along with my fps while i game. And @vzr314 you should make some more friends within another countries and maybe they would have helped you with shipping. I'm pretty sure that is your country was in the shipping list you would not quite Cortex.
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  8. Urgency

    Urgency New Member

    I like to believe cortex will increase the life span of my ram since it reduces the amount of ram usage.
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  9. deathcurzo

    deathcurzo Active Member

    I think Cortex is very useful and the game booster helps for lower end machines. I’m not going to lie though, the deals you get on cortex ARE VERY GOOD!! I got an email yesterday telling me 50% off gta v. Also the paid to play may come back. I really don’t want them to get rid of it because it was so good for us, sure the system was a bit flawed from the start, but who can argue with free stuff.
  10. coolYaleBlueclub124

    coolYaleBlueclub124 New Member

    Actually i feel like it hurts the performance in low end machines and does not help at all , but instead makes your computer more laggy
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  11. Lallaby

    Lallaby New Member

    Come on, everybody used it for Paid to Play! Is there really somebody who installed it for its game booster? ;)
    Now, even though it will still give you 40 zSilver per day, how long would it take to reach 100k/200k zSilver?
    It's been good and fun while it lasted, too bad it's gonna be shut down
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  12. coolYaleBlueclub124

    coolYaleBlueclub124 New Member

    you are getting rewarded for doing nothing, so it is totally worth
  13. Lallaby

    Lallaby New Member

    I guess it's a matter of point of view. Would I download and remember to use everyday an app that in 2500 days would reward me with 100000 zSilver that maybe are enough to get something? I definitely would't do that, maybe others would be more patient :)
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  14. vzr314

    vzr314 New Member

    Q: Can zSilver expire?
  15. Lallaby

    Lallaby New Member

    Oh right, I forgot! They do expire.
    However they'll probably come up with something new if they're interested with keeping the zSilver system: I can't see how somebody could collect +100k zsilver in one year only thanks to razer insider and cortex logins.
  16. ballertees

    ballertees New Member

    I like the good deals tho
  17. pepipee

    pepipee New Member

    I'll also uninstall it, all the others things aren't just enough to keep Cortex imo.
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