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  1. Too Bad. They are NOT for sale and NOT Out of Stock and NEVER were according to Erlyn in Razer Customer Support on May 31, 2018. The Nommo Pro was launched earlier in the year but NEVER put up for sale on the Razer web store according to Razer despite the links to BUY it which then lead you to IT'S Out Of Stock but NOTIFY ME when back in stock link...all crap. Why not just advertise it as the Razer Nommo Pro is Comming, Will Soon Be Available? Why play games? I have asked Razer these questions in various emails. Truth in advertising right? Why keep loyal buyers who are willing to spend $499 USD on pins and needles for months waiting for something to come in that IS NOT GOING TO BE AVAILABLE ANY TIME SOON? That really sucks especially from a company like Razer where people spend large/ huge amounts of money in a given year!

    Looking forward to getting your hands on
    New Razer Nommo Pro Speakers? Me too at $499 USD! Not Going to Happen! After months of waiting for them to come back in stock and calling, I finally emailed and boy was I shocked. Yes, the Nommo Pro was launched earlier this year but according to Erlyn in Razer Customer Support, they were NEVER FOR SALE on the Razer web store on May 31, 2018! What??? But there are links to the Speakers and a big fat BUY BUTTON, which of course leads to the Out Of Stock but NOTIFY Me page?? All crap. So all you buyers and fans like me waiting for the Razer Nommo Pro...Keep right on waiting. Why can't Razer Just advertise the Nommo Pro as Coming Soon right? Truth in advertising instead of stringing all faithful buyers along for months on end waiting for a Product either we or our kids have their hearts set on?? I am shocked and stupified at Razer over this. Even when brought to their attentions that it was IN FACT FOR SALE on their web store they simply said they would take my suggestions "Under advisement." Yet I like many of you spend thousands of dollars on this web store every year. I am beyond disgusted. Hete is it June 13th and the Nommo Pro link remains the same with a big fat BUY BUTTON that leads to out of stock...that's false advertising and I can now prove it with the emails I have been sent by Razer. Disgusting!!!
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    So what you're saying is, the buy button should not be an option to click or should communicate a different message when an item is sold out? That, is good feedback. That is actionable and usable. Making multiple threads as a vehicle for your anger is not. In fact, it's spam. Accusing a company of false advertising practices is not actionable and useful. What this post and your other posts have been successful in doing however, is breaking the House Rules.
    • Untrue, sensationalized/exaggerated posts with the intent to mislead readers.
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