The Ultimate Ultrabook - new Razer Blade Stealth

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. give me 1 pls mdfx

    i want two of them pls

    olle är en lallare i skolan och lallar och spelar och lallar och spelar och runkar på rasterna
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  2. I've given in, I'd have preferred the Razer 2016 1060 model but just got an MSI GS63 VR 4k. Didn't want to risk ordering via Razer US and getting a colleague to bring over from HPE US in case of any issue.
  3. brony.self

    brony.self Member

    so i guess i like the stealth because its cheaper but i'd still save a little more to get the razer blade pro
  4. aku88

    aku88 New Member

    I feel your pain. Also, how's the MSI? Is that the one with the NVidia 1060?
  5. After placing my Order for the new razer blade stealth I was excited to say the least. However after two days of not hearing anything and my order being stuck in the "processing" phase for two days I started to wonder. So I tried using razers email function the offer on the website. However every time I tried it said email error/null. No clue what that ment as I used the same email I used to order my product. So I decided to call the support number. We'll after going to the correct option for order status it tells me to email them. Lmao once again I tried to email them with the same issue. Error or null. So I call again using different options to get to a actual person. Well I guess it took me to tech support as the man said, I think anyway. And after trying to understand what he was saying for a few min I got that he was trying to give me a direct email to sales support. However I couldn't understand anything he was saying after that. I apologized and told him I couldn't understand what he was trying to say and that I would call back hoping to get a different person. Well the first call took a hour on hold and the second took the same. Needless to say I still could not understand what the man was trying to say either. I have reached out on every social media to razer and only time will tell if I ever use razer again as a gaming provider. I've owned several other gaming notebooks over the years msi, asus, Lenovo, Alienware, and Dell. Each time I called regarding a order I had a actual person answer. They didn't send me to a site that didn't work. Some were hard to understand like razer but I could understand them enough to get the job done. There is no excuse for this type of customer service or lack there of and I will continue to call and or reach out every day until my problem is resolved. Growing up I was always a fan of razer and threw videos have herd how good their products and support were. Well Idk what has changed but this Is awful. I want the product I paid for the new razer blade but with this type of support it worries me for the future if I have any issues with my laptop.... I highly recommend people think long and hard before buying from this company.
  6. Roseheadvision628

    Roseheadvision628 New Member

    It most likely has already shipped. There are numerous threads on here stating how the package could almost be at your front door and razer will finally update your order to shipped and give you a tracking number via email. Same thing happened to me. Took 2-3 days to finally update to shipped/complete and it arrived the next day. Just be patient. 2 days is not enough time to warrant negative speculation. If a week goes by and you don't hear anything then by all means harass the sh!t out of them
  7. Ohhh OK. I'm just mad at how it's impossible to reach them. Lol. U have given me hope
  8. YamiZee

    YamiZee New Member

    I'm able to manipulate the scratching sound if most programs are off. Clicking on anything seems to trigger the noise briefly. However when stress testing I cant hear the noise anymore, possibly because the fans get too loud. I wonder what it is making the noise? I thought it would be the ssd which can always be replaced if desired, but would clicking on empty space really cause the hdd to react at all.
  9. crimsonpsych

    crimsonpsych New Member

    I have no problems with regards to CPU fan, but with the overall construction there is, the paint on the palm rest seems to fade after 1 1/2 years of use. with regards to battery i have no issue with that one since I always plugged it in every where I go, but to think of it I reach 1-2 hours while playing in a battery which is not bad I think for me. but I think I;m leaning onto this one since I want to have a more lightweight gaming laptop.
  10. Ah you know what Razer may actually have done me a favour being so slow! Only unboxed it last night and started setting it up but was very pleasantly surprised with the looks, weight in hand and thinness.

    Yep its the 1060 model. When I realised I couldn't get the Razer I was originally looking at the Aorus x3 IZGO but finally got confirmation it doesn't have a TPM which is a deal breaker for me (I can only justify the expense by using the laptop for work and I want to have it for gaming on business trips in dull old hotels).

    Then flip flopped between the GS43 and GS63 after finally confirming they DO have a TPM even though not listed anywhere in the specs. Actually had a GS43 on order briefly as was put off by some reviews on screen contrast for the GS63 but discovered there is an appalling "Best Buy" model to avoid, the standard is OK and the 4k is better than OK. Plumped for the 4k and screen is lovely, yep the contrast isn't like you'd get on an IZGO screen but its good enough.

    Did a clean build to clear off the MSI crapware and with BT being the only company even less able to sell me a product I want (fibre) than Razer, I've only had time to try Ori and the Blind forest but that has a lot of dark areas and the opening looks stunning and of course runs well in 4k being a non demanding game.
    Have GoW Ultimate downloading now which will be a nice test of how it scales to 1080p for AAA games.

    Other things so far:
    4k UK model comes with the NVME version of the Samsung OEM 951 which was a nice surprise as most are SATA and whilst it could be user swapped its a fairly fiddly task as on reverse of system board so no real need now. I'll swap out the 2TB Spinnign Rust for an 850EVO shortly and that is easily accessible, there is a warranty void sticker to remove but the MSI faq states will be honoured so long as don't cause physical damage when upgrading.
    Mild annoyance other than the crapware which I knew about in advance was Win 10 Home rather than Pro but its a gaming laptop I suppose. Ordered an OEM Pro key from amazon as half the price of the windows store upgrade and as mentioned I must have bitlocker for work compliance; not that I'd have a laptop without it enabled anyway.
    My job needs an easily portable laptop but barring a train commute I don't need to work on battery much so the low life isn't an issue for me, I think I'd get a good 3hours on ECO which is more than enough for email triage. I have a tablet and phone for notes and all day battery when needed.
    Screen size is great and probably the best feature, looks lovely at 200% scaling which is effectively 1080p real estate. I think I'd struggle with that on a 14" screen so I have a bigger screen for games but a more productive laptop too. Course it gives room for a numpad too.

    I'll update once have used it more in anger but feel free to ask any questions. As for Razer, sorry but you were too slow lads. Still after a Core for my NUC and will buy an Orochi to go with the MSI :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
  11. Roseheadvision628

    Roseheadvision628 New Member

    Sounds to me like the fans might be making these noises at low RPM's. The noise is coming from almost right above the fans/M.2 drive. We know it's not the M.2 cuz it's an ssd and not a physical disk spinning. Only other thing I can think of is if the fan reaches a certain rpm it hits a natural frequency of something under the hood and briefly makes the noise.
  12. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    Even though I am only a desktop gamer, seeing the Razer laptops sometimes make me want to switch :).

    And to be more on topic - the sound is probably indeed from fans at lower rpm.
  13. mitraanu

    mitraanu New Member

    That doesn't sound good check with support....
  14. YamiZee

    YamiZee New Member

    Which part? Whats the difference between mine and what it should be?
  15. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    That's pretty usual temps for laptops, even though for expensive and good? quality products they should be lower.
    Average laptops go up to 90C (GPU) while gaming, and some even 100.
  16. YamiZee

    YamiZee New Member

    Mine generally spikes to 90+ when loading the game and the fans go full speed but after a minute or so it usually goes down to 80 when I'm actually playing the game
  17. mitraanu

    mitraanu New Member

    battery [coil whine] / fan .rasie it them and they will run diagnostic tests on your machine.
  18. YamiZee

    YamiZee New Member

    Do you mean send it back for repairs? I dont have much time left in the 14 day period, so is this something that can be done after its over?
  19. mitraanu

    mitraanu New Member

    You have a one year warranty, but try and raise this with support if you have an immediate concern. ( within 14 days you may get a replacement or money back. )

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  20. YamiZee

    YamiZee New Member

    Thanks for explaining. I think it's fine though, ive run stress tests and and they have all passed. The noise isnt too bad. In a year i might try to resolve the issue.
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