The Ultimate Ultrabook - new Razer Blade Stealth

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. Alfonsol

    Alfonsol New Member

    I ordered the new RBS 4 days ago on the 28th and it's been in "In Process" even until now. Have you guys gone through this or is it just me?
  2. DevSQL

    DevSQL New Member

    @Alfonsol, I'm in the same boat. I ordered on Oct 28th as well when both the Stealth and Core were in stock. Now stuck in processing same as you, but now Core shows back ordered.
  3. Alfonsol

    Alfonsol New Member

    Shoot. Do you think they'll start shipping them out soon?
  4. DevSQL

    DevSQL New Member

    I really hope so. When I saw both of them in stock, I cancelled my order on my MBP 13" with Magic Toolbar and bought this.
  5. Alfonsol

    Alfonsol New Member

    I was also looking at the new 13" MBP with 512GB and I was like daaaaaaamn idk if I'm ready to drop $2k on a laptop with not so good specs lol.
  6. phishfi

    phishfi New Member

    I'm at a complete loss right now.

    On 31 Oct, my wife tried to buy the New Razer Blade Stealth Bundle (with the Razer Core at $100 off), but the Core was listed as "Notify Me" instead of available, so it wouldn't let us check out with the bundle. The discount was still visible on the site, so I assumed that I would just get the discount code emailed with/shortly after the purchase, but I haven't yet (6 days later, and I have the laptop now). The button also said that I would get a Razer Taipan, which did not come with my laptop and has not been mentioned in the associated emails afterwards. I've emailed customer service about the lack of any sort of code for the Core and was told that I did not qualify for one, since I did not buy the laptop as part of the bundle.

    I'm very frustrated. I already have a monitor, GPU, and everything ready to go for when the Core gets here, yet I'm not going to pay full price when every bit of the website says that users get a $100 discount for the Core if they buy the new RBS.

    If someone at Razer can help me fix this, please email or message me! I love your products, and have been a faithful customer ever since the Razer Chimera 5.1 first came out. I'm excited to make full use of the Razer Blade Stealth's amazing technology, but I can't without the Core :slightly_sad: (and I'm really frustrated that the Taipan mentioning just went completely unmentioned after showing the offer on the website at purchase).
  7. Ayaku

    Ayaku Member

    How long can this computer run while playing games?o_O Has anyone tried?:rolleyes:

    OxHYPERIONxO New Member

    I found on that the Razer Blade Stealth Core-i5, QHD, 8GB-RAM, 128GB-SSD configuration will be released from USD899.99 on 5th, December.
    However I cannot find that there is such a configuration on the official website ( / it's all core-i7 7500U).
    The i5 processor is possibly 7200U I think since its frequency is noted as fast as 2.5GHz.
    I want to know if "i5 stealth" is available
    Does anyone know?
  9. RazerZonal

    RazerZonal Member

    Looks like Razer had already updated all their official sites to carry only the i7 models...guess amazon is probably your only avenue to purchase the i5 model...
  10. Ripper2909

    Ripper2909 Member

    I'm posting this message from it : the new razer blade stealth !!!
    And it's unbelivable, what a pleasure tu work with !! :)
  11. Rreiep_no_id

    Rreiep_no_id New Member

    I'm from France (Paris) and I'm really interested in the new Razer Blade Stealth but I'm unable to find a place where I'd be able to test physically the beast ! My searches (from this site and other sources) led me to resellers but none of them exposes the computer at all (they just sell accesories : keyboards, mouses...).

    I'd like to see it for real before acting my eventual purchase :)

    Has anyone a piece of information about where to take control of the machine by myself ?

    OxHYPERIONxO New Member

    So you mean i5-model is available only on
    It's one of the latest kaby-lake processors so I don't get why Razer doesn't note about that model, some people prefer cheaper i5.
    I'm from Japan and in Japan they still keep selling skylake stealth and I don't know when a kaby-lake stealth is available in this country.
    The Japanese website seems to be the same as months before.
    I'm not interested in skylake model, because its battery-life is horrible.

    I want Razer to give us more information about what they sell, what they're gonna do.

    I'm really interested in new kaby-lake stealth while turning blind eyes to dell new XPS13 and new Macbook Pros.
    However I'm slightly disappointed now.
    I have NO idea when I can get a New Blade Stealth in Japan.
    PLEASE TELL ME, Razer if you watch this post.
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  13. DATBO

    DATBO New Member

    I've ordered the new rbs 128g Qhd on the 27th Nov and now it says I have to wait a month before it even starts shipping?Wtf, I need by Dec 15 as I'm leaving the country until Dec 30 and may miss the shipping?Razer support as been ambiguous without giving and exact eta?Will the computer get shipped to me now since I had it back ordered or do I have to wait till basically next year to get it.
  14. Kidlightning

    Kidlightning Member

    Anyone ordered the stealth here in Toronto?
    How's the duties and tax?

    Yay! That's too bad, I'm planning to get one but if I have to wait for a month.. that would be a problem.

    Hope you get it asap!
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  15. mcl911

    mcl911 New Member

    no duties and tax as they ship from hong kong

    where did you see they ship after a month? I believe that only happen if we buy now, as it states back order. As you buy on 27th nov, it should be in stock. I ordered the stealth of 30th still stuck in process with
    • Boxed Shipment
    • Back Order
      <font color="lime">Now Shipping.</font>
    Update* received tracking on 7th, tracking shows the stealth shipped on 5th
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  16. I discovered on my razor stealth 7th gen that this noise somehow corresponds to the CPU clock speed. It seems like the higher the clock speed, the louder the noise. Since the clock speed is dynamically scaling due to intel's dynamic frequency scaling, it produces a more varied sound. It's not unlike the read/write sounds produced by an older spinning disk hard drive.

    You can test this buy affecting the dynamic CPU clock speed via the power settings in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options. Switch between the Power Saver, Balanced, and High Performance power plans and take note of how loud the noise is each time you switch. Power Saver should be the most quiet (possibly inaudible) while High Performance produces a very loud sound. This is because the Power Saver option sets the minimum CPU clock speed to 5% while the High Performance option sets the minimum CPU clock speed to 100%. The Balanced option is somewhere in-between and about half as loud as High Performance.

    You can take testing a step further and manually control the minimum processor clock speed by creating a new power plan. Just choose 'create a power plan' from the panel on the left and use High Performance as your base template. Name the power plan "CPU TESTING" or something along those lines. Then go to 'Change Plan Settings' for the new "CPU TESTING" power plan and click on 'Processor power management' > 'Minimum processor state'> 'Setting'. You'll notice that if you drop this to less than 60% and click 'Apply', the sound almost goes away. Anything above 60% and the sound gets louder.

    Another strange thing is that if you completely max out the CPU, the sound will also go away. For example, if you run prime 95 and max out all cores, the sound will actually be as quiet as when you drop the min clock speed to under 50% of the max. So I think you are on to something when you said "hits a natural frequency of something under the hood" because at full clock speed it must be closer to a multiple of whatever it's interfering with?

    Not sure if there is any way to fix this sound since it seems like the cpu frequency is interfering with some other part. It's subjective how much it bothers a person but it can get pretty annoying in a quiet room.

    I'd be interested if anyone else has seen similar results.
  17. tobikodude_no_id

    tobikodude_no_id New Member

    I have heard many different things about the performance of the RBS. I am close to making a decision on a laptop. I think it will ultimately come down to the XPS13 or this RBS. I think RBS has the best value, but a few potential concerns I am struggling with are 1) battery life 2) build consistency 3) customer support.

    For anyone who has had their RBS for some time already, can you comment on your overall experience thus far or any of these three issues? Much appreciated!
  18. ubemiguel

    ubemiguel New Member

    I would love to see that ipad pro keyboard migrate to the RBS.
  19. realsmurf

    realsmurf Member

    my problem with the RBS was the coil whine, not blaming razer themselves, but I personally wouldnt get any laptop that is that annoying
  20. duri_sk

    duri_sk Member


    I have been using Stealth for good two weeks for all my needs as daily driver(I bought Stealth for my friend, he provided it to me for my test).
    I was in the same situation, but I was choosing between Mac 13 and Stealth.
    9 hours of battery(like is mentioned in some reviews/on Razer site) is fairytale, for some light productivity (one note, chrome/frequently closed and switched to Edge for preserving battery, occasional video for entertain) I got around 6-6.5 hours. Also Slack has been running all the time.

    Also, I was able to watch comfortable 4 episodes of some series (so lets say about 5 hours for video).
    So in terms of battery life, XPS is probably the winner (don't buy skylake version with IRIS graphics...).
    Keep in mind, that Razer announced external battery pack, it looks really interesting (hopefully it will be able to provide like 3 more hours...)

    Build is pretty solid, as always, but on "my" unit however, there was issue with overheating (RMAed) and coil whine (as was mentioned), but I read here that with some BIOS update they were able to fix it. But coil whine is general problem, you may have this issue also with XPS.

    I don't have good experience with Razer support (I had Razer Blade 14, I even sold it with issues with graphic card, was RMAed two times...). But there are people who are happy, so it depends...
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