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The Ultimate Ultrabook - new Razer Blade Stealth

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. Roseheadvision628

    Roseheadvision628 New Member

    Just got my 256GB QHD in. Confirmed 16GB of ram on this model. No fan noise, you can hear a little computing going on in the center of the laptop if you hold your ear up to it. Not noticeable unless you do exactly that. You can also hear a little static on the speakers if you hold your ear up to them. Again not really noticeable unless you do exactly that. Touch screen is awesome on this machine. Can't say enouIgh good things about it. Installed all windows updates; no issues. Will be swapping to the intel wireless card but killer seems to do the trick for now. I fully charged it 4 hours ago, unplugged it, and have been non stop downloading, youtubeing, forums scrolling, reddit reading, and still have 4 1/2 hours of battery life left.

  2. lunate87

    lunate87 New Member

    Great product, i wish it comes with a graphic card though
  3. banhmixo

    banhmixo New Member

    is there any way to disable this annoying "hold down fun key disables ur lighting and changes the fun key lighting " thing on razer synapse? i've looked everywhere tried every option
  4. ChrisTahoe

    ChrisTahoe New Member

    I got mine yesterday. Learned right away it wouldn't charge, so I began the RMA process. Still waiting to hear back from Razer Support with shipping instructions. I'm pretty disappointed to be having issues out of the box. I get that stuff happens, but I would have thought something like that would've been checked before it left the factory.

    Edit: I decided to return it. I've discovered Razer makes you pay return shipping to refund a defective product.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2016
  5. I just got mine a few days ago and noticed buzz/coil whine after day of using. I've noticed the buzz goes away with power management settings at power saver but its really noticeable when on high performance. I don't mind the noise too much because it sounds like an old hard drive but i hope there's a fix in the future. I've been going down the advance power options in trying to pin point whats causing the buzz.
  6. Roseheadvision628

    Roseheadvision628 New Member

    Mine has the same issue. I was thinking it may just be the nature of the beast. It definitely sounds like an old HDD when under load which is weird.
  7. I'd pick one but you aren't selling it in EU which is super sad.
  8. PM1538137706552

    PM1538137706552 New Member

    EU release plz
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  9. banhmixo

    banhmixo New Member

    um i like turtles
  10. This is one beautiful laptop!
  11. Benj1e

    Benj1e New Member

    Hi, new to the community. Just placed an order for the 256GB QHD Stealth last Thursday. For anyone who placed an order recently, how long did it take to ship out?
  12. Nalrun

    Nalrun New Member

    So I have a question. Does the new razer blade stealth have 16gb of ram for all the options? Even the 128gb, QHDversion? It does not say the amount of ram the new line of laptops have in the specifications list. Does anyone know by any chance? Thanks.
  13. 128GB version is only 8 GB of RAM whereas all other configurations have 16 GB. It is listed towards the bottom of this page under TECH SPECS:
  14. WarlordUS

    WarlordUS New Member

    Sure could use this for my through my tenure of being a cyber security student! :slightly_sad: </3
  15. SpectrL

    SpectrL Member

    These laptops come out fast
  16. Slayer1094

    Slayer1094 New Member

    just asking, are the Man O War's good enough for their money?
  17. Benj1e

    Benj1e New Member

    Stealth has been delivered. From my short time messing around with it last night it seems like a really good computer. No issues out of the box. Now I just hope that Core ships out soon but I see they moved the date from 30 Sep to 14 Oct on the razer zone.
  18. jasonj566

    jasonj566 Member

    I'm having to return mine because after 10 minutes of use it freezes and locks up
  19. SteveNJY

    SteveNJY Member

    The screen is kinda small though , overall it looks fancy.
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