The Ultimate Ultrabook - new Razer Blade Stealth

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. mitraanu

    mitraanu New Member

    i received mine yesterday.. seeing everyone stuck with issues what kind of tests i can do to make sure everything is in order. i have a 15 day return period i need to know what can be tested and how. any pointers appreciated.
  2. Roseheadvision628

    Roseheadvision628 New Member

    Use it for a few days. Make sure you don't hear any weird noises other than the fan, watch for freezing and stuttering, and don't update the laptop with the RBS software on Razers site. Then stress test it with Prime95 using torture test>blend. Let it run for a few hours. Fan will come on and off during this process so don't worry about that. You should get no errors within the test period. I wouldn't run prime95 for 12-24 hours like some would recommend but you can.
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  3. brony.self

    brony.self Member

    I like the razer blade stealth, but i still dont know what kind of dedicated graphics it has without the core.
  4. mitraanu

    mitraanu New Member

    the new one comes with intel iGPU the generic one for all kaby lake i guess the the 640

    the ram is chip on board so you cant upgrade... ever... so buy with how much ever you want to be stuck with..
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  5. Reg3e

    Reg3e Member

    Intel HD 620, according to CPU Boss
  6. mitraanu

    mitraanu New Member

    running prime95 now... the fans are on the sound is tolerable and not that crazy as people reported it to be.... i will run this for a few hours now and report back ... this thing gets hot but not as hot as my previous xps 13
  7. x_xiao2_bnu

    x_xiao2_bnu New Member

    Hi I am not sure if this is normal but my new stealth makes noise occasionally. It is not a very loud and uncomfortable noise but it is annoying. It sounds like something clicking or scratching inside, does sound like mechanical drive running. Thanks.
  8. mitraanu

    mitraanu New Member

    I hear some staticky khrash khracsh sounds... only when i put my ear against key board not all the time..I can hear it if i am not focused on the sound.
  9. OneWithSeb

    OneWithSeb New Member

    I really wouldn't get this. Why? Because it will end up really expensive and has terrible specs (graphics card). First off if you only want it for work, ignore this post. But if your gamer don't even think you will be able to take it places and play games. And you won't even be able to have desktop graphics with out paying a lot more money. The razer core doesn't come with the graphics cards in it. It's only a case which means you still have to buy a graphics card. Lets say that the stealth costs $1000. Then an extra $500 dollars for the razer core and then if you want a GTX 1080 (like me) it will cost around $1000. That's $2500 and it could possibly be more. That's a rough estimate. That's my opinion. I wouldn't get this
  10. Cyan.Inf_no_id

    Cyan.Inf_no_id New Member

    still not available in Europe... cmon Razer
  11. HissingSiren72

    HissingSiren72 New Member

    I'm from India, Got a stealth [emoji3]

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  12. Reg3e

    Reg3e Member

    I think the idea behind this is 'feature proofing' by using its partially modular design, rather than replacing the entire unit with the GPU soldered on, you just have to upgrade the GPU card.
  13. 1. No...not recommended until it is unavoidable ( with Win10 Pro, you can delay it).
    2. Never tried.
    3> Yes...that's what I am doing, with the assistance of a USB-C dock.
  14. Roseheadvision628

    Roseheadvision628 New Member

    From what I've been hearing all of them do this. Even mine. Putting your ear slightly northwest of the center of the keyboard is where it's coming from. Once i swap out my killer network card for the intel I'll see if I can find the exact location of the noise
  15. Mine never made those sounds when running Prime95 for several hours. Only thing I heard was fan sound.
  16. Roseheadvision628

    Roseheadvision628 New Member

    Good to hear. Guess it's not all. I have a few friends with the new 7th gen i7 RBS's and all of them make this odd noise. Some more than others
  17. mitraanu

    mitraanu New Member

    It doesn't make that sound all the time... occasionally... and you have to be really focused to listen to it. Last night i got the anniversary update. so far so good.
  18. YamiZee

    YamiZee New Member

    Mine makes the sound and it's audible even a few feet from the machine. Also the temperature even while just surfing likes to hang around 50-60 degrees (using both realtemp and coretemp). 3D gaming is usually about 80, but even at 70 the actual laptop casing gets pretty hot. Funnily while watching certain flash vids the temp goes to 90 which no game so far does. What temps does everyone else get?
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  19. That0neTryhard

    That0neTryhard New Member

    Does ANYONE know when the new razer blade stealth launch in Australia? I've been searching everywhere but I can't seem to find anything. Also, the razer core hasn't even been released yet in Australia and I'd like to know when that will come out.
    P.S an estimate would be good too or even better, a specific date.
  20. aku88

    aku88 New Member

    Well, here we are. It's October now, i.e. Q4 2016. Not only is the Stealth not out in the UK, but there's also still no news about it whatsoever. Right now I'm just incredibly glad I bought the Surface Book a few months ago rather than try and wait for the release of the Stealth in hopes I could use it as my primary work/gaming laptop.

    I'll probably just reiterate that it's not necessarily the speed of release that's making me indignant, it's just the complete lack of information. Razer you're releasing a massive number of revised and new products on what seems like a monthly basis! Surely you could spend just ten minutes on a press release to let us know what your plans for the UK/Europe are?
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