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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by TheBaymax, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Hey Razer Insider,

    My name is Trey "The Baymax" and for the past 5 working days, I went ahead and wrote up a review of the Razer Phone. (which I posted over on the off-topic section of OnePlus forums)
    I have decided to go ahead and bring over the review of the Razer Phone that I did there but in a slightly skewed fashion :smile_: I hope you all enjoy; I hope also that any of you who are on the fence about the Razer Phone are given an answer. Here we go with this 5 Day Review!

    Day 1: Build

    Razer has been known quite well for how they build products like laptops and mice. They are all solid! Just watch reviews of their laptops or mice if you don't believe me.

    When I first pulled the Razer Phone out of the box, the first thing that came to mind was "this is cold!" As I just held it there in my hand before turning it on. The soft touch metal was a nice change from the polycarbonate shell of the Nextbit Robin, the predecessor. (I will be referring to that a lot in this review) I could see that the design language remained though. Two powerful speakers line the top (with earpiece in top too) and bottom of the device, with possibly the newest change to the smartphone industry smack between them. The 5.7" 16:9 Sharp IGZO 120hz Ultramotion screen, which you just gotta see to believe, was a nice difference from the 5.3" screen from the predecessor. Make no mistakes though, this device is 'uge! Your hand will have to get used to hand gymnastics in order to operate this device with one hand. Otherwise stick to using the device with two hands. (There is not a one-handed mode on this device.) I digress. Flip the phone to the back and we are greeted in order with a dual tone flash, and two 12 megapixel cameras. (one regular; one telephoto) We will cover this another day though. There is a Razer logo stuck on the upper part of the back center. That is about it for the back. Go to the bottom of the device, there is a type c port along the primary microphone. Turn the phone back to the front and to the right edge there is a SIM Card & SD Card slot (not dual-sim though)and the middle of the side a power button with fingerprint sensor. It was probably brought straight over from the predecessor. Turn the phone to the top, there is the secondary microphone and nothing else. Turn to the left side of the device and there is volume buttons halfway down, symmetrical to the power button on the other side. So, without photos you have probably painted a picture of what the device looks like. We are done here talking about the build. Fear not, I will post photos below if some of you are not great mind painters.

    Photos I took of the Razer Phone:

    Day 2: Battery/Performance

    So, I am just going to say it. It is the fastest device I have ever used. Has some of the best battery life too. Of course, the battery life should not come as a surprise considering it has a 4,000 mAh battery. 8GB of RAM is also no slouch. I can’t just leave it at that without any explanation. When I first got the device and turned it on, I switched the refresh rate from 90hz to 120hz and never changed it. The device has been able to run all tasks like a champ. From gaming with the pre-packaged games from Razer, to everyday tasks like checking email, checking the forums, and chatting with friends on Skype. No lag with any of these tasks. Battery has been nothing less than incredible. I foolishly forgot to bring a charger for a day or 2 away from home, the Razer Phone has made it through more than a day. Almost 36 hours. I took it off the charger at 7 A.M. and it is currently 6:15 P.M. the next day. At 20% battery. That includes playing games, checking the forum, taking phone calls, talking to friends on Skype, etc. So, needless to say battery and performance have been top notch.

    Day 3: Camera
    There is a review and some sad news here. So, just be prepared.

    Here is a review that many of you have been waiting for. The camera. So, the Razer Phone has dual 12 megapixel cameras with one being regular and one being a telephoto lens. When the device first released the camera was called things such as "dumpster fire" due to the fact it could not focus fast and the shutter was slow. Both of which are bad for a device without OIS. Fast forward to now and Razer has solved this with one camera update. No more focus or shutter lag. I have tried multiple applications (stock, Google, and Manual) and have been able to get quite decent results from this device camera.

    Here are a few photos for comparison:

    Overall a bunch of these photos were quite grainy under the conditions, but some were not bad. Better than in the beginning. Just take my word on that.

    Now for the sad news. The Razer Phone fell off my nightstand the other day. And there is a small scratch or crack in the top left corner of the camera glass. It isn't noticeable unless you know what you are looking for, but I am unsure if it affects the camera quality in any way. (the dogs and the remote and the door wardrobe handle at the top of the imgur were taken after the scratch or crack was noticed) Doesn't appear to, but I have already contacted Razer about this in hopes of getting a replacement under warranty just in case it gets worse. I will not knock Razer for this though.

    Day 4: Sound

    To start off, i have created a video (originally made just for OnePlus forums, but I decided to go ahead and post this review here too)

    So, that video should have given you a rough idea of which has the best sound, now to the other part of the sound. the sound through headphones or earphones. Now, I am letting you know that I do have some 120-ohm impedance headphones on the way to me as we speak... but this is not what the average user would use to drive sound to their ears. Enter the Viotek Type-C earphones.
    I needed something that wouldn't break the bank, and stumbled across these. I am not sponsored by Viotek either. So, any review here is unbiased. All products were paid for by me.
    Overall, these earphones sound great, just have to be very careful with them. One huge benefit is with just Type-C without the 3.5mm jack is that the headphones or earphones can sound exactly the same no matter the device. It allows the device manufacturer more freedom by removing the jack. They can update and tweak the sound on the fly through the Type-C connection. I know that a bunch of you are hardcore behind the retention of the headphone jack, but how many of you can actually say this without experiencing a phone without the headphone jack? I encourage you all to at least try Type-C headphones once before assuming that removing the 3.5mm jack is the sign that the world is ending. Any device with a Type-C connection has the ability to drive sound through it (Including OnePlus devices). Just please try it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed. The Razer Phone is no exception whether the sound is through the speakers or through the Type-C connection. Sound is solid. Next Day is the day when we wrap everything up.

    Day 5: Conclusion of Package

    So, today is the final day of the Razer Phone review. What have we learned?
    • Huge device
    • Solid construction
    • Beast on performance (SD835 with 8GB of RAM)
    • Subpar camera
    • No headphone jack (because there is no room for it!)
    • Amazing speakers
    • 120hz refresh rate on a 5.7 inch screen
    So, just from that alone... is $700 USD really that steep when you get all this above in a single package? It is cheaper than most flagships. Overall, this week or so with the Razer Phone has just been incredible. Nothing slowed it down, nothing really bothered me (not even the bezels). Everything was smooth as a piece of talc (1 on Moh's scale of hardness). The screen, the build, the sound (my vibration motor isn't defective like MKBHD's). Everything was just a joy. Even the camera, after its update, was a joy. It really is hard to say anything bad about this device. It is unique, it is fast, doesn't get hot under normal circumstances (even when it does heat up from high intensity, it is comfortably warm), etc. If i did have to knock it anywhere, the placement of the buttons and power button/fingerprint sensor on the middle of the sides of the device are a little bit weird and take some bit of getting used to. You will get used to it though.

    A word of caution to anyone though. If you do get one of these beasts and make it your daily driver. Do not try and go to another phone! It will just feel a lot slower compared to the Razer Phone. Just leave that to me... I review a lot of things.

    Thank you all for reading! :smile_:
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  2. any idea where is the option to select store pic to SD card when taking pic with razer phone ? i can't find the option to select.
  3. TheBaymax

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    not sure, bud. I don't use an SD Card unless I need to.
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