Theft at CES - Project Valerie Stolen

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ClevelandTorpedo, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    This is just sad, either way you look at it (Corporate Espionage, or Just joe schmo stealing it). And equally frightening that it could happen at CES and that there is no news on who did it (being the surveillance and other persons that are there).

    I pray that Razer property is returned or found and prosecutions are ensured.
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  2. Kazon

    Kazon New Member

    wonder how did they make it
  3. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    Well the monitors slide into the the lid, and then its a normal laptop :D Do we even have confirmation it was a prototype of Valerie?
  4. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    Can you edit the title? Two prototypes were stolen. It wasn't specified which projects. Could be one of each, or two projectors.
    Quote from your source:

    Tan didn't specify exactly what combination of devices were stolen.
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  5. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    Agreed.. Although it opens your eyes a little to what people believe was the more "wanted" item. Doesn't it :)
  6. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    The prototype actually didnt fold down as of now, and thats why you see all the people asking about how they got it out of there, its like 4.5 feet of screens in a line.
  7. John1223

    John1223 Member

    y they steal it what they steal?
  8. I believe my title was coherent with the source at first, however the source was editied over the course of the day. Nevertheless, I have updated the title and first post.
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  9. glStarLight

    glStarLight Member

    how do you steal a triple screen laptop.... i mean it just shows how well Razer has done it, made a triple screen laptop portable XDDD
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  10. They stole two prototype devices from the razer stand at CES, unknown reason. Could just be a theif, or it could be corporate espionage.
  11. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    I'm sure the press prototypes did, they slide in and out. But it was just sideways they didnt tilt and not with the arm on the display prototype.
  12. Frankdehtank

    Frankdehtank Active Member

    Dam eh im surprised there wasn't someone from Razer or added security around it 24/7 with how much tech like that is worth, not in hardware alone but the RND involved.
  13. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Watch linus's coverage of it, he notes how its a static display as of now.
  14. pillowism

    pillowism Active Member

  15. KeilMan

    KeilMan New Member

    pathetic people trying to take advantage of others hard works
  16. Ziki_no_id

    Ziki_no_id New Member

    Highly doubt it being another video of him "Stealing" a Blade since Min posted about it, rather seriously on Facebook.

    Thrown from my LG G4 to your face by that TapaTalk app.
  17. Yorkifyme

    Yorkifyme Active Member

    Here's hoping that security can identify the thief. I find it hard to believe that this happened. I find it even harder to believe that this wouldn't have been noticed by someone or caught on camera.
  18. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    I'm in work so no volume.. I'm assuming your on about the first laptop with the arms on the edges and the tilting. Fair enough.. If you go to about 2 minutes into the video "Razers Top Secret Project" there is a different prototype with a different action to move the screens.. They only slide in or out, no tilting. You can see the think back on it.

    The one Linus states are static, have been said are not operable in that configuration yet. Its just for show.
  19. DieselLag

    DieselLag Active Member

    this is so disgusting to read tbh! i cant believe that they would steal from razer- i mean we get it you like their stuff but so do we-you dont see all of us storm down to CES and mug Razer! :slightly_sad:
  20. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    While I completely understand the desire to want to be the first person to play with a Razer prototype, the idea of just stealing one is incomprehensible to me. Besides, it's not like there's any way to legitimately make money from it. Once it's listed somewhere people will be all over the seller. Who knows if it's even operational, or just a project display model!

    Just sad. I'm losing faith in much of humanity these days. *shakes head* :confused_:
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