There is no thx game modes for valorant

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by leetRaspberryRose882, Nov 29, 2020.

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  1. Im using kraken tournament edition, and in synapse there is no thx game modes for valorant.
    In other games like apex legends there is. I bought that headset for valorant and i cant use the thx
    And also there is so much problem at software, like most of the times apps doesnt seen at mixer section.
    Im tired with dealing this softwares bug.
    (I reinstall drivers soo many times with clean uninstall, still doesnt work.)
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  2. mmantass_

    mmantass_ New Member

    i have the same problem. it seems to work great on other games but i only get stereo and surround sound options for valorant
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  3. Support is not replying
  4. megablackx

    megablackx New Member

    i have the same problem but for there is only riot client which has nothing to do with the actual game Valorant and it doesnt seem to appear on the synapse software to change to surround sound i have been playing the game without surround sound and its annoying i hope they see this and actually do something about it. I have proof ik it says set to default the only reason is says that is cause i change the default communication that all its already on default audio. Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG
  5. Probably the kraken te client is outdated, cause i used the thx client and it shows the valorant game modes(we cant use that cause we already have thx at our headset)
  6. megablackx

    megablackx New Member

    Nah checked the latest update on it and its up to date so there no issue with it being out of date if its showing to you guys that i dont know it isnt showing to me Capture3.PNG
  7. Im saying razer didnt updated the thx for kraken te
  8. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hey everyone! Thanks for posting your Razer Synapse 3.0's and THX Spatial Sound's concern here. I've cascaded it to the team. Please send me your Razer Synapse logs by following the steps here. Save the files via Google Drive or to any online drive, then paste the link in your PM. Let's continue from there.
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