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Do you want a Cpu block with a screen or rgb that supports Razer synapse

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  1. DestroMedia

    DestroMedia New Member

    Ok hear me out please, i bought a NZXT Z73 ( cooler when it came out its one of their new cpu coolers that has a screen on it, but i recently went full custom water cooling on my setup with EKWB everything. What im saying is, is it possible RAZER could do a colab with ek (only cause they make very good custom cooling stuff) or just by them selves where they make a cpu block that works in synapse and has a square decent sized (at least 30hz) oled or good blacks lcd screen with good brightness on it and you can put what ever Gif or image related files on it maybe even support video files. Im not sure as of yet what is possible.

    This would literally be amazing, and complete my already super heavy razer themed setup. Plus you would be the first to make a cpu block with a screen for custom water cooling.

    I ask razer cause their implementation with synapse doesnt really use system resources other then ram. and i like that way more then any other company.
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