Thoughts on 60hz?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by TheCloudX, Oct 13, 2018.

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  1. TheCloudX

    TheCloudX New Member

    Anyone with the 60hz panel have any regrets? The new "base" model seems perfect for my needs. From what I understand they are using the same 60hz panel from before. 100%srgb, which I suspect is closer to mid 90s. I haven't found much if anything on these panels, especially on brightness. I've had poor IPS panels in laptops before and it drives me nuts (Dell G7 LG panel and countless old school TN panels from years ago).

    That said, my main monitor is a LG 27MP59G-P (1080p IPS, 75hz) so nothing special but looks good. I used to main a ASUS PB278Q, but after 3 RMA's I went with the LG as a quick replacement and stuck with it.

    The base just makes the most sense for me. I already have a spare m.2 sata drive and 2.5" 1tb ssd laying around, so I can throw those in. Just don't want to get the 60hz and realize it's garbage. This is a travel machine for work, grad school, and occasional gaming (I've already used a 1060 max-q laptop for awhile and didn't have a problem gaming on it).
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  2. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    I have the 60hz 4k display and have no regrets if thats any help.

    The blades seem to have some of the best laptop panels around, so it's a good bet.

    Best thing to do though is look up your return policy. In the UK you can return anything for any reason within 14 days and places like Amazon extend that to 30 days.

    In the UK this also applies to the Razer store, but it's a little more effort to return it to them.

    This should take the risk out for you though. Buy one and if you hate it just make sure you send it back within 14 days.
    IMPORTANT: Check what the return rules are for your country as some may vary
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  3. TheCloudX

    TheCloudX New Member

    Good advice. I'm hoping to either buy it from hidevolution or the Microsoft Store here in the US. I'd prefer the MS Store, but they wont confirm if they are getting them or not.
  4. Sonnyoi

    Sonnyoi Active Member

    FYI laptop only has 1 M.2 Slot on the new 15 blades.
  5. TheCloudX

    TheCloudX New Member

    The new base model announced last week has a smaller battery, and a 2.5" inch HDD now, with keeping the m.2 slot.
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