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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Grimmwor, May 31, 2019.

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  1. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    Hey! It's been over three years since you started your Synapse 3 Beta. And...Still beta. I was a loyal Razer customer. Everything I bough was Razer. I loved Razer. Now...well, your lack of transparency, honesty, support...When I replace anything, I shop elsewhere. When a fellow gamer asks me what to buy, I say anything but Razer. Do you care?
  2. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    That's not entirely accurate, the first time Synapse 3 was made available was in July 2017, a little under 2 years ago. I've mentioned this a few times before, but we aren't really obsessed with removing the "beta" tag (Gmail remained in beta over 5 years).

    We just want to continue improving on the platform, both in terms of quality and features until we have worked through all the constructive feedback we've received. Only then we'll strike off the "beta" from the name. We have made continuous strides in both quality and performance in the last year of development, and statistically speaking the quality is leaps and bounds better than ever before.

    Having said that, if you do have any specific outstanding issues with the latest Synapse build, I'm happy to communicate them back to the engineers.
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  3. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    At least 2 years of buggy driver software for expensive hardware is not acceptable. And still there are a lot of outstanding problems, as we can read daily in this or reddit forum, and your developers aren't capable of fixing them.
    When I got my first Razer products, some years ago, I was hopfull to switch my input devices to Razer system. What a complete disappointment. Synapse2 not good, Synapse3 complete mess, both together totally unusable. Many hours wasted with installing, deinstalling, manually wiping the software crap, that was devlivered (why are you the only company, that isn't even capable of getting a reliable de-/installation process done ?),
    googling for solutions, all in vain. At least I sold most of the devices - with heavy loss, of course.
    Now I'm only using Orbweaver+Synapse2 (without automatic profile switching, as it doesn't work reliable).
    I don't think, that I will buy Razer products again, and will warn everyone, from doing so, until I will find out, that you manage to write smooth driver software. The software should be ready, when selling the hardware, not at the end of the device's life cycle !
    And that's sad for me, too, because I would love to get a Naga Trinity, as it would be the perfect mouse for me.
  4. Quango2k

    Quango2k Member

    Over a year Razer free and changed everything to Steelseries, not a problem since.

    I still frequent these forums to see what has changed...Not a lot.

    Its a total shame, Razer hardware was always my favourite and I will stand by my comments of the Basilisk is the best mouse I have ever used...but, This software is utter tripe! Confusing, always breaking and losing profiles, having to LOG IN (seriously, wtf) Having to re-do profiles you have spent hours making..

    I'll wait until 2089 when its no longer Beta and everyone confirms it's not trash. You (Razer) can claim as much as you like that the BETA tag is nothing but that, that is just rubbish. Any piece of software that is labelled a BETA, is a beta by definition. The tag is there because even you believe the software is not fit for release and given the V1.0 stamp of approval.
  5. Spurtle

    Spurtle New Member

    This is not an airport, no need to announce your departure.
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  6. Quango2k

    Quango2k Member

    Ooh aren't we clever with our little quips. Its a public forum, if you don't like a post..Move on and be quiet.
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  7. Spurtle

    Spurtle New Member

  8. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    these kind of comments are only toxic, without any facts, and against Razer's house rules . So call it a day !
  9. Spurtle

    Spurtle New Member

    Oh bless your heart. You LIKED the post that tells another member to hush the heck down, which is explicitly against house rules and very toxic as you put it. Then you reply to me by telling me I'm breaking the house rules by pointing out the irony of his toxic post? My post did contain a very obvious fact. If you fail to see it maybe you should follow the advice that quango2k has given.
    Either way, have a great day!
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  10. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    [QUOTE="Spurtle, post: 492799, member: 1005087" My post did contain a very obvious fact. [/QUOTE]
    What kind of fact is that "This is not an airport, no need to announce your departure" ?
  11. Spurtle

    Spurtle New Member

    What kind of fact is that "This is not an airport, no need to announce your departure" ?[/QUOTE]

    #1 Are you in an airport? If you are than I understand your confusion and please accept my apologies.
    #2 There really is no need to announce your departure. The entire premise of the thread is that people who are no longer happy with Razer are announcing that they no longer support the company and that they are periodically coming back to Razer forums just to announce it. If you are unhappy and have replaced your equipment then what is the point? Just to troll Razer?

    Basically this is an example of trolls who don't like to be trolled.
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  12. juremakovec

    juremakovec New Member

    in the airport or not - the Razer Synapse software is unfortunately, subpar. not worth the price we pay for the hardware. which I bought because it was advertised that I would be able to fully customise, fully adapt to my needs. you know what happened when I finally adapted everything after a few hours of work? I put my computer to sleep and after waking it up I realised all was gone. everything. had to to it all over again, just to find out, that same will happen again. luckily, in the store, they were really understanding, showed & explained them the problem and I exchanged mouse for a different one (still Razer). it was working better but some things still did not work (and still do not work). now, I have paid cca. +200€ for all the hardware (mouse, keyboard), I even wanted to buy one more for the field work, but then Logitech came across. I could get mouse and keyboard for the price of one mouse (or keyboard, does not matter). I said let's give it a try. and it works. like a charm. set it once, still works, non of the shortcuts gone. even though there was a major software update, where they actually completely changed the app. on the other hand, Razer is offering me Synapse 2, which didn't get any better. with all the support I have given, with all the buggs that I reported. and yes, I am using Macbook, but still ... should I be ripped off because I am using different operating system? why is Logitech capable of listening to users, making the software (in with that, hardware better and better?) why can't Razer do it?
    you know what happened with Razer Naga Chroma the other day, when I set up new programme (yes, I use it for work, not gaming) - set it up, put to sleep, only to realise that after waking computer from sleep, that only that part was gone (and a few settings for other programs gone). now, do you think we should just silently wait for our plane or speak up and make our trip with this plane nicer and better or simply be silent and have a terrible, pain in the patootie journey?
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  13. PurSpyk

    PurSpyk New Member

    Would be ideal if settings could be saved to the device, i.e. simple colour settings ( I want my mouse to have a static colour), then the software would not be needed like when I had my Lachesis mouse, everything could be saved to the mouse memory, no need for additional software, and therefore far less chance of crashing. Problem is we have decent hardware, terrible software, and we are forced to use both.
  14. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    I realize I don't speak for every Razer Tartarus V2 owner here.
    Though, there's reason(s) why I'm still using my Nostromo with Synapse 2.
    Synapse 2, a software that supports the hardware device with some key features.
    Due to Razer's inability to provide 'at a minimum' those features with Synapse 3, I refuse to spend hours rebinding all my game(s)' keymaps just to move over to a device that doesn't work as well 'because' of the software(Synapse 3 BETA).

    It's a shame, because I really like the progression hardware-wise of the Tartarus V2, but the Software side of things is not enough to win me over.

    If it were my business, I would have rolled out this software differently to you guys, and I would have found a way to match and even exceed some of the functions that Synapse 2 offers for the Nostromo to a comparable hardware product like the Tartarus V2 with a new software.
    I definitely wouldn't have sold you hardware devices that would only work on a buggy Synapse 3 Beta software and leave you stuck until eventually the software matured enough. But hey, that's just me, and it doesn't really matter what any Razer employee says about the issues at this rate. It's been simply way too long.

    If the implementation of new hardware and software Razer is promoting is making customers look elsewhere for gaming products, then it's a fail IMO.
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  15. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    YES ! Fully agree !!!!

    So what, they don't care, they are incompetent. Razer, big name, nothing else. Let's move on ! Greetings to their coloured fanboys !
  16. Quango2k

    Quango2k Member

    #1 Are you in an airport? If you are than I understand your confusion and please accept my apologies.
    #2 There really is no need to announce your departure. The entire premise of the thread is that people who are no longer happy with Razer are announcing that they no longer support the company and that they are periodically coming back to Razer forums just to announce it. If you are unhappy and have replaced your equipment then what is the point? Just to troll Razer?

    Basically this is an example of trolls who don't like to be trolled.[/QUOTE]

    Not trolling at all. I am a big fan of Razer hardware, but their software is utterly shocking and both need to work in tandem. I would 100% be a Razer user again if they bucked up their ideas and put some investment into their software department and fixed the hellhole they call Synapse.

    My 'departure' announcement as you call it, is merely a note to all that you DO NOT have to stand for this, you can change and you should. The more people that leave Razer because of this the they maybe wise up and fix the issue, so we can one day return and have great hardware AND software as the intended package.

    I'm with Steelseries now which in my opinion, the keyboards and mice are not better than they Razer ones I had before..but the software works, as intended, with no log ins, no crashing and no losing profiles (Of which I had continuously and over a year later, nothing has changed)

    How long should you guys put up with this? That's up to you to decide now.
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  17. Spurtle

    Spurtle New Member

    Put up with what? I have had zero problems with Synapse 3.
    Glad you found something you like besides Razer, go enjoy that product. You should dedicate 100% of your forum time to that products forum. Nope you prefer to be a troll on the Razer forums. Yes you are a troll. If you were just stopping by to see what’s changed you would simply be reading and laughing at the idiots who didn’t heed your warnings. Instead you are trying to sway others to leave and trolling for responses. You have earned the title of Troll so wear it well and be proud of what you have become.

    I will say it again for clarification, I love my Razer products and the Synapse 3 software. I can control and coordinate all of the lighting including the ASrock motherboard controller for the case fans and the Coolermaster Wraith Prism fan for the CPU.
  18. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    No one, who complains about the Synapse 2/3 chaos is a troll ! Only "fanboys" will defend these software products, never mind the massive bug reports, one can read here and in other forums.
    Except one, all of my Razer products are lying useless in the cabinet or are sold with lots of loss, because of the software not working as it should. In the meantime I also switched to multiple other brands and their software work without issues !
    But that's not the situation I want to stay in, because I have to maintain multiple configurations. I don't want to create 5 configurations for every new game or other products I start to use ! I wanted to have one single driver system for all my devices. And Razer has the hardware, i would be happy with.
    The only thing that is missing, is ONE (nearly bug free) driver for all Razer devices !
    Not, one for a+c and another for b+d and another for e.

    And over all, not with massive problems like update/install problems, 100% CPU problems, online force problems, connect/disconnet problems, profile-switching problems, and, and, and !

    So, this has nothing to do with trolling, but with serious facts about the situation !
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  19. Spurtle

    Spurtle New Member

    You are correct, not everyone who complains is a troll nor are they trolling. Some people have legitimate problems that need to be addressed.

    Someone who gets rid of every piece merchandise made by a manufacturer and readily admits that they only come back on occasion to post how happy they are to have moved on to another manufacturer is a troll. They obviously aren't trying to help the community or the company by submitting legitimate bug reports or to give advice on how to make improvements they are just posting to cause strife. They are trolling.
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