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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by EdMondragon78, Dec 25, 2020.

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  1. EdMondragon78

    EdMondragon78 New Member

    I have bought the THX Spatial surround sound app but I am unable to hear anything with it, even with my Kraken headset.
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  2. Zip_O

    Zip_O New Member

    on the synapse go to sound, look for the thc go to it and make it you default.
  3. Someone_Not_U

    Someone_Not_U New Member

    So i was having this same Issue, and Zip_O is correct, it fixed the problem for me (Go to Synapse>Audio>Mixer>Click Set as default) I have a Kraken Tournament Edition and my problem was when i switch from "Razer Audio Controller-Game" to "THX Spatial-Synapse" it would just stop playing what i was playing or hearing. Thanks Zip-O
  4. WildBottz

    WildBottz New Member

    Zip_0 was right. If you have just updated windows and this problem occurs do the same thing.
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