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THX SPATIAL AUDIO | Be Immersed in the Game

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Dekades, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Hi, i would like to buy THX Spatial Audio from Italian store but it's not available. I hope somebody could help me.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2020
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  2. Itsmoonlord

    Itsmoonlord New Member

    its downloading time
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  3. uj84azdv6

    uj84azdv6 New Member

    vou compprar
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  4. Cpt.Anonymou5

    Cpt.Anonymou5 New Member

    Looks like they support some Spatial API apps like Metro Exodus when launched shows it can
    Its been updated and supports the API to include a so far small list of games that I cant find lol I launch Metro Exodus and the built in Dolby worked.

    Not sure why they don't list the games and why not all of them work I tried to launch borderlands 3 to find out spatial audio API wouldn't work. So it seems they are slowly but surely adding it, which makes it better than Dolby app I have this Dolby app and the DTS app. The only thing I wish this app had that DTS has is non razr headphone hrtf's for my m50x.
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  5. lordlay

    lordlay New Member

    saya pengguna Kraken X USb, dan saat ini saya pengguna THX Spatial percobaan,
    saya kesulitan membeli kode aktivasi dikarenakan saya berada di negara indonesia.
    Sebuahpakah ada yg bisa membantu saya untuk mendapatkan kode aktivasinya dan bagai mana langkahnya.
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  6. Darkraihs

    Darkraihs Member

    I have a razer kraken and want to claim my razer 7.1 surround code, but I lost my box for it, is there anything I can do still?
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  7. danzo88

    danzo88 New Member

    I bought a razer blackshark v2 X today, and it came with the license activation code for surround sound 7.1, however when i tried to key in the activation code, it says license code invalid.

    Anyone faced similar issues?
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  8. ssipster

    ssipster Member

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  9. SharpSpringFrost

    SharpSpringFrost New Member

    Anyone experience high CPU usage for Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation when using THX in Synapse 3? If I end the process it goes back down to around 0.5% - 2% but as days goes by, the CPU usage slowly climbs till it reaches 50% (of the 9700K). This has been happening since August of 2019 and I tried everything; reinstall drivers and clean install Synapse 3 multiple times, multiple versions, gone from Win 10 version 1901 to 2004 . So far the only solution is to disable and not use THX (using the Nari - Game Audio as the default device). Will this bug ever be fixed?
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  10. Natural_Dummy

    Natural_Dummy New Member

    I was wondering what do I do if I accidentally threw away the box with the code for 7.1 in it?? I kinda was an idiot and I don't wanna pay 19.99 extra for another code..... HELP
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  11. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Send a support ticket, they will probably ask for some sort of proof that you bought the product.
  12. HyperShot14

    HyperShot14 New Member

    [QUOTE = "Dekades, publicación: 529968, miembro: 701922"]
    [MEDIA = youtube] 1w6XbbO84MI [/ MEDIA]​

    Convierta el sonido en su mejor aliado con THX Spatial Audio, que ofrece un sonido envolvente 7.1 avanzado con una precisión posicional que aumenta sus sentidos. Personaliza tu configuración de sonido y ponte a la vanguardia localizando enemigos y detectando amenazas cercanas antes que nadie.

    Una experiencia de audio envolvente como ninguna otra, ahora disponible en Windows 10:
    https://www.razer.com/thx-spatial-audio [/ QUOTE]
    Espero pronto tener unos buenos audífonos Razer para seguir subiendo de rango en el CSGO.
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  13. EagleSpear_X

    EagleSpear_X New Member

    Make a pair of $10 headphones feel like $200 headphones. Sounds about right! :big_grin_:
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  14. Chachakoala

    Chachakoala New Member

    You could try to register your headset in your account with the Serial number. The serial number is hidden under your left ear pard if i remember well. Product registration web url is https://www.razer.com/product-registration
    You'll be sent a 7.1 licence activation code
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  15. Chachakoala

    Chachakoala New Member

    Same as above
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  16. Nicolais97

    Nicolais97 New Member

    I bought a razen kraken x lite and fell in love with the thx How can I buy the software if I don't live in the United States?
    If you can answer me in Spanish it would be great
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  17. conan832

    conan832 Member

    Boost Boost Boost Boost
  18. Beemerchef

    Beemerchef New Member

    Sorry to barge in! I don't know where else to post a question. You can redirect me also.
    I have to learn to use the Turret KB+M due to handicapped hands, I cannot use a controller and I would like to set the Mouse to more functions. The less I use the keyboard the better off I am. Like W, F, Shift... is that possible?
    Again, sorry I am posting this here....
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  19. Kev1n65

    Kev1n65 New Member

    Software does not work for me. I have just purchased a new pair of Razor Kraken X lite with a serial no for 7.1. You then get a pop up informing you that you can upgrade to THX for half price. I have a Gigabyte Aorus MB with an I9 9900K and I use the Logitech z906 speaker package with the headphone input on the Logitech controller. With the Realtek Digital output speakers and headphone work as they should. Download and install 7.1 or the THX which you pay extra for and nothing. does not matter which output or way around I try to get any sound through headphones I get diddley. Can I get a refund?
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