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    Hey guys, i just bought a blackshark v2 pro headsets, but the sounds its horrible, i mean it only works on games, but when listening to music and videos it sucks, its like a bad quality bass, need some help please, what are the best settings??
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    THX support applications that have the surround sound feature built within.

    For example, CSGO. the developers have created the surround sound developed within the game which gets enabled by the THX capable speakers and headsets.

    Most musics and videos and its sound features do not have surround sound features built in. Although sound engineers can add in a surround sound effect which make the listeners believe they are experiencing a real time surround environment.

    In a movie, a scene where a plane or an object swoops across the screen. That surround sound effect gets implemented to L and R speakers, to make the viewers experience a real time scenario in the film. But this is not a work of THX.

    THX works in real time simulated surround sound. For more info on THX click the following link
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    thanks for your answer!! should i buy the THX app for windows?? it cost 19.99 dollars, thought it would come with the headsets.
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    That works, or collect 20000 zSilvers with a bit of effort~~


    Thanks imma try that, btw when i try to low the volume from the headsets , when the volume knob is about 30% to 0%, you can hear like a little crackling sound like static, mostly on the right side...., but if i move the knob between 30% and 100% there is no crackling sound is that normal? my headsets are brand new, and i cant set the volume to 0%, i can still hear sound even with knob totally down
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