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Discussion in 'Audio' started by Dekades, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. cpt_pr1ce

    cpt_pr1ce Well-Known Member

    very nice sound effect
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  2. Beaann

    Beaann New Member

    anyone got good EQ settings for hearing footsteps and gunshots in call of duty black ops cold war? THX spatial does not support cold war yet for gaming profiles sadly.
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  3. Abdulbasit786

    Abdulbasit786 New Member

    Wow what good thing
    Nice work man.
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  4. Bhootpolice

    Bhootpolice New Member

    Who gives me one bike I will give him 63 uc I promise.
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  5. emmanuelace

    emmanuelace Member

    dang this is good news
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  6. Abdi5head

    Abdi5head New Member

    same haha
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  7. RexCars

    RexCars New Member

    Can't wait to try this. The Black Sharks are almost charged :smile_:
  8. RoninApe83

    RoninApe83 New Member

    enjoy the sounds
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  9. specwolf82

    specwolf82 New Member

    The spatial sound is really good, you lose almost NO clarity from non spatial... however, THX game profiles are for COMP only as they DO NOT sound very good.. at least for apex they dont.. It's literally for competitive only... your not using the THX game profile to hear amazing sound, you use it for competitive modes only because, again the THX game profiles (18 of them) DO NOT SOUND GOOD AT ALL but they do DEF give you a slight advantage when it comes to tracking your enemys... you can def hear footsteps before most ppl... but again, your sacrificing A LOT of audio quality to use the THX game profile. Also, please dont confuse THX spatial audio with THX game profiles
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  10. Wouki79

    Wouki79 New Member

    I am very happy with THX on my razer kraken kitty edition
    you really here the difference with my older kraken headset
  11. conan832

    conan832 Member

    Advance Merry Christmas. Hohoho. Hoping to receive the full version of this.
  12. OceanDK

    OceanDK New Member

    shouldnt this app be free to customers who bought a THX product?
    Personally I will not pay 20 $ for this software.

    I just bought the TWS PRO earbuds. These are THX certified but no discount for the THX spartial sound app. :slightly_sad:
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  13. lucaspecly

    lucaspecly New Member

    How can I buy it with brazilian money?
  14. HIlol64

    HIlol64 New Member

    THX Razer for your really good products.
  15. Komeko

    Komeko New Member

    How can I maximize the use of my Kraken Tournament THX controller? It seems a little unwieldy for me. Does anyone have some good tips or videos that discuss utilizing more advanced audio set ups? Thanks!
  16. jameson4170

    jameson4170 New Member

    Thank you for Sharing it
  17. S1ndrome

    S1ndrome Member

    Does this make a huge impact on the Kraken or Blackshark?
    Still so torn whether to get a mouse first or a headset. and if headset do I go wireless or not as 7.1 is an absolute requirement for me.
  18. jameson4170

    jameson4170 New Member

    Besr TIG Welder
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