Tips & Guidelines for Razer Insider

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jenjar, Apr 1, 2020.

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    GAME HARD !:wink_:
  2. 554026

    554026 New Member

    good guide with all sorts of useful information
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  3. This helps a lot
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  4. Amalerion

    Amalerion New Member

    Thank you for the good tips and for the information. This is really helpful!
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  5. TarunChandanala7

    TarunChandanala7 New Member

    Great Guide!
  6. J-jayz

    J-jayz New Member

    Does anyone know why my note 9 does not work with my new razor kishi controller?
  7. RedPeng1

    RedPeng1 New Member

    Thanks for the guide!
  8. devils.father

    devils.father New Member

    thanx alot
  9. roody4ever

    roody4ever Member

    I require more assistance!
  10. Valiantaaron30

    Valiantaaron30 New Member

    this guide is very helpful


    Thanks a lot!!
  12. KennethAparente30

    KennethAparente30 New Member

  13. Rexxterr

    Rexxterr New Member

    thank you for the help
  14. KnownAsgalanisatk

    KnownAsgalanisatk New Member

    guys i am new here i do not know if i am able to make a question in this guide but i just bought a razer kraken x and i was about to redeem the code for the 7.1 surround but because i scratched too much the code i could not see 3 letters do you know any other ways to get the 7.1 surround or can i get a copy of my code in the store in which i bought the headset what i want to say is do you guys know any ways to redeem my code e.g telling the code of my product so razer tell me my code or the idea that i said before with the store??? sorry for my english i can not speak so calmly right now and i do not have the time to correct my "question".Thank you for your responses
  15. Rexxterr

    Rexxterr New Member

  16. DuctileErmine

    DuctileErmine New Member

    Hey all. So i just bought the kraken rz04. Cant get the 7.1 to work.
    Downloaded synapse, told me there is a newer version. So i downloaded the new app. It keeps telling me to connect a razer controller. Connected my controller via usb and nothing.
    This is frustrating me and im about to return these darn things.
    Any input is appreciated.

    Xbox one
    Regular xbox controller
    Kraken rz04.
    Using windows sonic for the time being.
  17. KnownAsgalanisatk

    KnownAsgalanisatk New Member

    but i bought it from a local store is that a problem?
  18. wrathdog

    wrathdog Member

    stay home and stay safe and respect the tips & guidelines
  19. helor23028

    helor23028 New Member

    this is a great guide!
  20. peffe82

    peffe82 New Member


    i have problems with my keyboard after ive been away for like a weak from home...
    i disconnected everything before leaving home.. like all the power..

    when i came home... it all worked except for the lights on the keyboard.. its a black widow chroma v2
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