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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by LGabrielM, Jul 17, 2017.


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  1. LGabrielM

    LGabrielM New Member


    I have a Naga Hex 2 and I would love to maximize my productivity on it.
    What are the recommended settings (and if you have a why please say so) for different games, regular mouse use, video editing, multitasking... etc?

    For example, I've seen a few people saying that some competitive overwatch players use 16000DPI and no acceleration. Why is that so? If acceleration does not excel in overwatch, what does it excel in?

    Also, what are some macros you would recommend for games, regular use, etc?

    Let's share some knowledge here, I haven't seen none on Google (cmon, internet can do better!)
    I see a lot of potential on the software, and I'm happy that there is some effort behind it!
  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    First off, acceleration in any FPS when using a mouse just takes away control from the user; and 16k DPI is really high anyway, so acceleration would just make things unmanageable. It makes sense with console controllers, where a really small movement looks like a lower DPI mouse setting, and movement further away from the center point means that the user really wants to move that cursor, but with a mouse and keyboard, if your settings are right FOR YOU, then you can do all of it with either large or small movements of your arm. And if you need more precision or more movement, just change the DPI on the fly, and your working mouse area adjusts accordingly.

    As far as recommended settings - if somebody has a specific recommendation, it's a bunch of bull. This is something that is completely subjective. The only recommendation I have is to try out a bunch of different games and bits of software on different settings and find one that works great for you. Or find one that works great in one game, and save those settings as a profile linked to that game, and then change profiles to suit what you're working on.

    The only macros I have that are used normally are simple key combinations that work universally in Mac OS (where I live except when playing Overwatch). I end up doing a lot with just the mouse, and it frees up my other hand to do some button presses on other gear that I'm using for work.

    Mostly, though, my Nagas are set with simple keyboard commands that work in conjunction with left-mouse clicks. And I made sure that the shift key on my default settings are in the same place as the shift key with my Overwatch settings.
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