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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Cardnyl223, Dec 29, 2018.

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  1. Cardnyl223

    Cardnyl223 New Member

    I use a lot of toggle continuous macros on my Tartarus v2. One of the things I'm having difficulty controling is setting up a macro that can be toggled on and off and after running through my sequence of keys it waits for a specified amount of time.

    For example a toggle continuous macro that presses and releases the "2" key then waits for 3 seconds before pressing "2" again. How exactly does one set this up?

    I'm a long time user of Belkin pads (n52 and n52te) - on those pads the software had an "insert delay" option within the software that could be modified to a user specified amount of miliseconds. Where is this hidden within the Synapse 3 software?
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  2. Cardnyl223

    Cardnyl223 New Member

    I've tested out adjusting the delay on the keystroke release and it has some rather odd and negative conseqences. For example, a macro that presses W for .5 seconds and then releases the W key for 6 seconds just results in the W key being spammed for 6 full seconds to every game I have installed. In many cases it while this is going on the game no longer accepts other inputs (either from the keypad itself or in the case of Path of Exile, the mouse). This seems like such a basic feature to include for a programmable keypad - what is the reason for its omission?
  3. thoresfz

    thoresfz New Member

    yes they need to fix or add toggles in synapse 3 had no problem setting them up in synapse 2.0 i think the problem is when it records the key press it also records the key getting depressed or (clicked unclicked) and in synapse 2.0 you could delete the unclick portion of the recorded key and use the continuous playback on/off to create the toggle feature but in synapse 3 you cannot delete the unclick of the recorded key without deleting the whole key recording or press
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