Top 3 Gaming Laptops

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by spiez, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. spiez

    spiez New Member

    What are your top 3 gaming laptops in terms of value for money?
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  2. Pithism

    Pithism New Member

    MSI GS60 2PE Ghost Pro 3K Edition or Origin laptops. I feel they give some solid value for the internals and offers more hard drive space with a large ssd for some games and os.
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  3. gamefan4830

    gamefan4830 New Member

    MSI gs60 or 70 for sure
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  4. spiez

    spiez New Member

    The blade's quad hd screen doesnt add value that much when compared to peers?
  5. Kaimei

    Kaimei New Member

    Lenovo Y50 !!!
    Im Poor and its the Poor man's gaming laptop at a budget :)
    overall good specs and pretty decent performace as well :D
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  6. antihazard

    antihazard New Member

    MacBook Pro with Iris Pro graphics is also cool! But it's needed to install Windows for comfortable gaming:)) And the second but: the price is high, really high. And the games will not run under Ultra settings, or even not all games of 2014th will run comfortable ynder the "high"
  7. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    Value for money? Best places to look: MSi and Lenovo
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  8. franavsan

    franavsan Member

    Hi, some years ago I got a 17 inches ASUS ROG gaming laptop. It was amazing at that time but it was also 5Kg if I'm not wrrong....
  9. Dorma

    Dorma New Member

    True, true. Even if the price is higher still way more gaming value!
  10. Ashenrune

    Ashenrune New Member

    I like my alienware but looking for a upgrade maybe the asus since it is one of the cheaper better options.
  11. Based on current reviews, the ASUS is the top gaming laptop at the moment. But it's nice and thick if that is what you want.

    If you are looking for a thin gaming laptop, the MSI's GS series and Gigabyte's P3x series does really well. I'm currently looking at the Aorus as well since it's SLI, but it looks like it runs blazingly hot.

    I hope Razer will update their 17" with at least a 970m and add a 1TB hard drive with the SSDs to be competitive with all the current thin laptops out there.

    I have a feeling that they will probable do the 965m though since they want to run cool. Come Razer, up your game!! By the way, they still have the best build out of all these laptops.
  12. DoctorCacti

    DoctorCacti New Member

    Yeah, what Korse said. Asus are selling by far the best gaming laptops at the moment, but I think that MSI are gonna catch up to them soon :D
  13. W1N5T0N

    W1N5T0N New Member

    Overall- ASUS ROG Laptops such as the G751
    Budget- Lenovo y series
    Semi Budget- MSI Ghost pro
    Splurge Alert- Origin EON17
  14. ethie

    ethie New Member

    I had a few friends that had MSI laptops in the last few years, and I really think even though the Razer Blade is more expensive that it is really worth the investment. The light weight and sleekness is just so great.
  15. W1N5T0N

    W1N5T0N New Member

    You may also want to look into the Origin Evo-15s. Thin gaming laptop, aluminum, with better specs than the blade. Also cheaper. For the moment, it's probably the better of the two.
  16. nanias

    nanias Active Member

    Gaming laptops have so many sub categories nowadays.
    IMO these are the ones to go:
    Thin, light, powerful & portable: The Blade (of course)
    15" still portable: New Alienware 15
    17" thin and light: Aorus X7
    Desktop replacement: MSI GT80 Titan
    Multimedia: Lenovo Y50

  17. Just a quick mention about the Razer Blade Pro:

    I wanted to add that I'm currently shopping for a laptop as well. I want a thin, powerful gaming laptop and during the Razer CES Sale, I thought long and hard about pulling the trigger on the laptop. That is a beautifully designed machine.

    Only problem is, I kept looking at how small the hard drive space it has and, if I'm buying a new laptop, I want it to have the latest and greatest. 860m, while not slow, does not command a top of the line price today. Not even with 30% off right now.

    The year is still young. It's only been 2-3 months since the new GPUs are out (almost an eternity in the cpu world). I wish Razer would just throw us a hint. Something to let us know that in ___ weeks or months, a new Razer will come out with the specs you want.
  18. JongdR85

    JongdR85 Active Member

    I don't have a top 3, but if I have to choose from certain brands it would be

    - MSI
    - Asus
    - Samsung

    I currently own 2 Samsung laptops(1 gaming, 1 standard) the gaming one is old but trustworthy. The standard one is mostly being used by my parents for some internet and email etc. Still going strong.

    I replaced my Samsung gaming laptop with an MSI GT70 which is a real powerhouse of a laptop. Not as powerful as the 880m model, seeing as it has a 870m in it but it runs all games flawlessly at 60 fps :)
  19. stargazy

    stargazy New Member

    Getting my new Sager 7358-S delivered on Friday, had issues with my now 5 yr old Samsung shutting down during games. I did a lot of research and the brands that stood out were MSI and Sager.
  20. smarteggRawUmber272

    smarteggRawUmber272 New Member

    1. MSI GS60
    2. Gigabyte P34K
    3. Aorus X7 pro

    I'm counting out the razer blade cos it doesn't have updated 900m graphics :/
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