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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by dekades, Jun 13, 2022.

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    Hello friends,

    Some people want to ban microtransactions. Belgium made this choice.

    In my opinion, there is an alternative solution.
    Lawmakers should cap microtransactions to prevent abuse.
    To give an example, when your total microtransactions reach 60€, you unlock all content at no extra cost.
    You can choose to pay game €60 at once like standard games or use microtransactions system with €60 cap on F2P.
    This is win for everyone, players and developer will be happy.

    Unfortunately at the moment, dependent people, children are victims. Because there is no regulation and consumer protection law.
    Fragile people are defenseless against predatory psychological practice.
    We arrive at over-indebtedness for crazy sums on all games that offer microtransactions.

    Going back to Diablo immortal, Twitcher Quin69 is spending NZ$20,915.82 and he still doesn't have his 5 star gems.
    It is the price of a car. :eek_:

    To summarize, now we understand why the video game industry makes more profit than music/film industry together.
    Smartphone games are the future of video games because everyone has a smartphone.
    But it is important to respect players and consumers.
    I hope that video game industry will self-regulate because otherwise, it is important that politicians put more regulation against abuse.
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