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turn on lighting on mouse logo

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by lukemad, Jan 4, 2020.

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  1. lukemad

    lukemad New Member

    got a new razer keyboard during Christmas, it forced update to synapse beta 3 which move my razer naga mouse to it and now i don't know where to look to turn on the logo, which i previously turn off in synapse 2. wanting to know how to turn it back on if possible.
  2. OrigSleuth

    OrigSleuth New Member

    First select the effect you wish to add to the Logo.
    Then click on the Naga mouse logo in the "Studio" section.
    Adjust the colours and other properties as required.
    Click on Save
  3. lukemad

    lukemad New Member

    tried that before i posted, the issue is i turn it off in the previous software (synapse 2) (which it had that option), either i have to wait for synapse 3 to update to have that option, or i factory reset it
  4. OrigSleuth

    OrigSleuth New Member

    Ok sorry, I thought it was easy - obviously not.
  5. ketekojo

    ketekojo New Member

    The same. With Synapse 2 the logo worked. Seeing that the colors didn't work for me, I upgraded to Synapse 3, but now the mouse logo doesn't work.
  6. lukemad

    lukemad New Member

    if u have another computer download the 2.0 software and u can turn on the logo
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