Twelve-years Linux user considers switching to Razer as a go-to laptop manufacturer.

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by amarrindustrial, Jan 21, 2018.

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  1. amarrindustrial

    amarrindustrial New Member

    Dear all, I've started using Linux twelve years ago, switched to Arch Linux in approximately 2007, on its rise.
    I wouldn't consider myself a power user anymore, since I've stopped configuring much anything myself past 2015. But I understand how stuff works, even though systemd and UEFI still feel "new" to me. I'm going to post my questions here in hopes that someone from the community or Razer marketing, will provide answers.

    I want to use 4K version of RBP both as a workstation (I do plenty of technical stuff, such as computer programming, compiling big projects) and as an entertainment center that I can take on a business trip (weight doesn't bother me). That given, here are my OS-specific questons:

    1. Do we have any information considering Ubuntu LTS or Ubuntu rolling release working well on 4K version of this machine? What are the instructions to boot from USB without any problems with screen working properly? I assume that Ubuntu LTS is a no go, while rolling release should be OK. What about Arch Linux, I'm expecting some amount of configuration will be required to get this bad boy working, so I might as well consider switching back to Arch Linux, where configuration is easier done since the distro is way more flexible and less bloated than Ubuntu. Also, if things go well, I'm willing to pay someone for making NixOS work well on RBP and maintaining a repo of Nix expressions. Contact me at jm АТ serokell DОТ io.

    2. Are there any problems with proprietary NVIDIA 4K drivers on Linux?

    3. Other than screen and GPU chip, what are the differences between 4K and FHD (RZ09-02202G75-R3G1) versions in terms of PCI devices?

    4. Is it possible to keep OEM Windows version and dual-partition the machine? Are there any instructions online about how to do that? I'm okay with buying another copy of Windows, but it kinda feels that I "overpay" for nothing when I get a laptop with OEM Windows.

    5. Will I be able to get latest CPU microcode through a BIOS update, making sure that Linux installation from an image without `intel-ucode.img` boot step will work?

    Here are my non-OS-specific questions:

    A. Regarding 4K vs FHD versions. I wonder what are the refresh rates of the corresponding screens? By how much 4K compensating for higher resolution through lowering refresh rate? How much more energy consuming is 4K version?

    B. For some reason, my hardware store says that FHD version only goes with a 256GB SSD and no HDD. Product description says that it has 256GB SSD and a 2TB HDD. Does it mean that the devices are systematically tampered with by the store?

    C. I'm purachsing it in Latvia, Europe. Price for a FHD version is €2638.00, price for a 4K version is €5494.00. Is it adequate? Is there a way I can purchase the product directly from Razer, if they have distributors in Europe?

    D. On the website of the hardware store it says that the keyboard language is DE (German). Is that a mistake? How is it different from the regular TKL layout such as the Razer keyboard a low-resolution photo of which is attached.

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  2. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    This is a really good post.

    After all said above, I sill love my Razer Blade laptops, past and present.
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  3. amarrindustrial

    amarrindustrial New Member

    Thank you for the answers. I have contacted Razer support minutes after I wrote this post, so I'm waiting for a reply now. Looking forward to other people from the community or marketing chipping in with verified information.

    Regarding 4K vs FHD: I'm currently using a 4K laptop on Windows and I'm fairly happy with it. The amount stuff that fits on the screen without wrecking the eyes is so large. I'm a fan of tiling window managers because they give so much more productivity to computer users, especially together with multiple displays. I wouldn't trade HiDPI displays for anything, to an extent when I'm ready to pay twice the price of a laptop for a good HiDPI matrix.

    There is still a bunch of important questions left though.
  4. Panaman

    Panaman New Member

    is there a way to ping official razer for this thread? Cant wait to hear the results of support. I have an old Blade Pro and was looking for an upgrade that I can put Linux on. After Razer CEO tweet about supporting Linux I got really excited? Hopefully we hear more soon. I thought at CES 2018 we would've heard something.
  5. amarrindustrial

    amarrindustrial New Member

    Lack of reply here is embarassing. I'm a CTO of a 30+ employee company. Wanted to make Razer default laptops for employees, but apparently nobody gives a shit.
    Contacted reps on twitter and over e-mail, no reply. CEO posts bullshit about mining laptops on Facebook.

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