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Ubuntu 18.04 on Razer Blade 15 Max-Q GTX 1070 (2018)

Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by tom_kiwi, Jul 16, 2019.

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  1. tom_kiwi

    tom_kiwi New Member

    Hi guys,

    I've been using an XPS 13 for a few years, and am wanting to upgrade to something with a GPU for machine learning and a bit of light gaming. I use Ubuntu as my primary OS for work, but want to dual boot it with Windows 10. I've read a lot of conflicting evidence on how well 18.04 runs on the 2018 Razer, and lots of the information is a little old. So, I'm starting this thread to ask if anyone has had success recently, without too much effort (though I'm able to work with custom patches / tweaks to get things working).

    For those who have got it working:

    1. What's the battery like while on Ubuntu? I really need 4 hours or more for the laptop to be useful for work and meetings, etc.
    2. Have you got the GPU working well on Ubuntu, either for gaming or ML-models? Gaming would be on Windows, so no real concern there.
    3. Have you been able to drive multiple monitors while on Ubuntu? At the moment I run 2 externals from my Dell without issue, and would like to be able to do the same.
    4. Anyone using a USB-C dock while on Ubuntu? I think I'll probably need to get one, so hoping someone has a recommendation!
    5. The model I'm looking at only has a 256GB SSD. Wondering if that'd be enough for a dual boot, considering only running 3 or 4 games on the Windows side at a time? No other media requirements (use external HD).
    6. What's been your general experience with the laptop? They seem pretty amazing... very close to pushing the buy button!

    Thanks in advance - this forum is a great resource for people joining the Razer/Linux community!
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