Unable to connect Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed using bluetooth?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeepRubytruckbyte800, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. Daler_97

    Daler_97 New Member

    I have the same problem. I bought a mouse in America, sent it by mail to Uzbekistan. at the first start both modes worked (2.4 and bt), the next day BT stopped working. I cannot turn on BT mode, the indicator does not blink, the combination of side keys and dpi does not help. in 2.4 mode everything works fine. if hold down the left, right and wheel, the indicator blinks quickly and dfubasilisk appears in the search. under warranty I can not return, since there is no way to return back to America. the mouse broke on the second day of use. Great !
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  2. After turning the mouse the bluetooth mode and pairing it in your bluetooth settings, ensure it is unplugged from the computer.
  3. adrenalinda

    adrenalinda New Member

    Sounds silly, but here how it finally worked out for me. Though 2.4 was always reliable I felt like it drains the battery quickly and since BT never worked I wanted to understand what is necessary to have it run.
    1. Doesn't matter if you have the dongle, you have to activate Bluetooth on your Win10 machine in the settings
    2. When prompted by Windows, allow for easy pairing (once you switch from 2.4 to BT, Win10 will prompt you because it recognized a new device).
    3. It was simple for me since I am using the Basilisk on a notebook and have the touchpad alternatively
      For those of you who can't, activate "mouse keys" in "ease of access", because you can't use the mouse once you switched to BT
    4. Confirm the BT connection and you're good to go.
    I hope BT runs longer than a couple of days.
  4. KaithlynMoore

    KaithlynMoore New Member

    You ask their customer support to resolve this issue as they have really responsive customer support. I got to know about it when I purchased their razer basilisk ultimate and it had some issue the issue resolved after some time and thanks to their customers support.
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  5. alpha14_369

    alpha14_369 New Member

    Even I have got the exact same problem...since its the same I'm assuming its some kind of firmware problem, is there any fix to this. Btw I have tried all the given solutions, nothing seems to work.
  6. shrekashi6ix9ine

    shrekashi6ix9ine New Member

    I genuinely need the BT connection, the wireless USB connection is utter garbage, extremely laggy and randomly cuts out, requiring a computer restart to re-enable it. Will be leaving a one-star product review until this is fixed, I didn't pay $50 for something that works worse than my trackpad.
  7. SupercopAB

    SupercopAB New Member

    Its Easy to connect via bluetooth switch to bluetooth on mouse and go to add bluetooth devices and there it will be there and importantly you have to hold dpi mouse button and 4 & 5 simenteniusy to enter pairing mode for 3 seconds then blue light will blink
  8. shrekashi6ix9ine

    shrekashi6ix9ine New Member

    it (the mouse) rejects the connection , that's the error i receive.
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