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  1. kazookage

    kazookage New Member

    I wanted to ask for tips and suggestions for anyone with a similar build on what settings you guys are using in Throttlestop. CPU temp limit is at 100c but I'm not really comfortable with my temps going over 90c every time I play intense games like Apex and Witcher 3.

    Geforce RTX 2060 (6GB)
    16GB RAM

    I have watched a few good Undervolting videos on my CPU and GPU and Razer laptops but I'm still getting bad thermal temperatures.

    Below are my Throttlestop settings, my CPU Cache's Offset Voltage is at -125v so don't worry, I just tried going -350v with my core since my temps are constantly hitting 90c but, I'm unfortunately, It didn't make any difference.

    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    For a start I see your speedshift EPP value is at 0 which makes your cpu run at full clock all the time. Change that to 128 and you should see a significant improvement.
    Also in the first screenshot you should adjust your turbo rates to something like :
    1 core active : 38
    2 : 38
    3: 37
    4: 37
    5: 36
    6: 36

    not definitive you can adjust as you like but thats a start
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  3. iDATUS

    iDATUS Active Member

    I'm constantly learning more about how the i7 works. Did you see my last upload which may help you.

    I am doing episode ii at the moment which is really interesting.
    PS the throttle stop picture you posted goes up to 78C I guess that doesn't reflect the Witcher run?
    Things to consider
    What is your room temp roughly as that makes a difference.
    Is the i7 GPU being used or is it purely the NVidia
    What temp does the NVidia run at
    Use task manager to see what cores are being used and how much % it is.
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  4. kazookage

    kazookage New Member

    Thanks! I'll be trying that out rn and give updates about the changes.
  5. kazookage

    kazookage New Member

    I was only browsing and watching videos at that time when my temps reached 78C

    Room temp. is at 22C below as I turn on my AC most of the time. I'll also be checking if only my Nvidia GPU is running when gaming. Nvidia GPU temp. is usually around 85-88C when gaming

    PS: I also noticed when my turbo is on in throttlestop, my GPU clock goes down to 900+ MHZ when in-game and in some occasions it stays in that area and only goes back up when I go back to the main menu of the game (Apex)
  6. kazookage

    kazookage New Member

    here's are my stats while in-game and the usage while playing Apex.

    Untitled.jpg Untitled1.jpg
  7. iDATUS

    iDATUS Active Member

    Interesting task manager. Seems full on full off.
    If you right click the cpu graph you will be able to logical processors which means so all 12 cores.
    Did you watch my upload as it explains why GPU would clock down.
    What did you mean by turbo is on exactly?
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  8. kazookage

    kazookage New Member

    Yes, I did. all my CPU cores should be running right? I meant in throttlestop, If I don't disable turbo boost my GPU clock will go down to 900+mhz not unless I turn on my speedshift which throttles my CPU clock speed to a maximum of 2.9MHZ only then my GPU will trickle from 1000mhz to 1600mhz

    Annotation 2020-02-27 222809.jpg Untitled.jpg
  9. kazookage

    kazookage New Member

    I just noticed now that if I change my speedshift to 0 I get the same results as enabling turbo
    Untitled.jpg Untitled1.jpg
  10. iDATUS

    iDATUS Active Member

    Ahh that turbo setting. yes that's should be off by default.
    Your using the 8750H same as me and the RTX 2060 which I am not familiar with as I have the 1070.
    I know from testing the 1070 it starts to clock down when it hits 70C I see the 2060 was reaching 87C ouch.
    Ok if you haven't see this upload of mine then watch it

    I do not recommend speedshift by the way. I think that's more for desktop PC's or much thicker laptops.
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  11. kazookage

    kazookage New Member

    I just watched your upload trying to apply these s
    Awesome! I'll be trying out your throttlestop settings for the 8750H. For my GPU do you have any idea why it trickles down to 900MHZ when I my turbo is enabled in throttlestop? because I feel like I'm not really able to use atleast 70% of my processors power when disabling turbo since it only hits up to 2.9mhz and won't be able to enable boost as well since it will drop my GPU usage to 900mhz :slightly_sad:
  12. iDATUS

    iDATUS Active Member

    its because its reaching 87C
    I have some clever ways coming up to help control apps and windows with cores, spent a lot of time researching and testing which you will like and are very unique.
    But for now leave "disabled turbo" off and turn off speedshift. You need the laptop to do its thing in trying to cool the laptop down.
    The screen is it 1080p or 4k, if its 4k you don't need any smoothing effects on.
    Do the TS Bench mark test, 12 threads as your games uses all cores and all the sizes 64M, 256M and 1024M
    Watch the temps and the GPU temp bottom right hand corner.
    You don't want the cpu to add more than a few degrees to the GPU if possible.
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