Uninstalling or disabling double click prevention

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by techtechRaspberry374, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. is there a way to disable double click prevention because i want to be able to drag click but i cant because of the double click prevention. i use a deathadder essential
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    Its a well known problem with all of the Razer Mechanical Switches based mice models because of a problem that is known as Electro-Static build-up which is why the mechanical switches suffer from this and is why they made the new Opto-Mech Switch to prevent it. You can take a can of compressed air that you buy at any electronics shop and blow out your clickers which supposedly solves this most of the time, or you can simply just use your own breath of air which contains humidity most of the time to remove the Electro-Static build up and blow into the switches area that reduces the Electro-Static that makes this happen, just be sure to breathe in a manner that makes the humidity from your breath to remove this.

    I wish Razer would just start putting the Opto-Mech Switches in all their mice models since they introduced it and it would make MANY new/1st time buyers very happy campers but sadly only certain models here n there that Razer releases will feature that switch unfortunately :confused:

    On a side note: Unfortunately by uninstalling or disabling Synapse WILL NOT prevent the infamous double-click issues at all as it boils down to the mechanical switches in the mice bud :frown_:
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