Unleash the new Razer Lancehead

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by technokat, Apr 27, 2017.

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  1. WolfK.

    WolfK. Active Member

    Looks dope, waiting for reviews
  2. SV_Prithvi

    SV_Prithvi New Member

    Is it available through zsilver?
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  3. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Looks nice! The scroll wheel looks super grippy.
    There is some conflicting info on the TE though, It says it has an optical sensor here but at specs part of the page it says laser. (The wireless says Laser in both places)

  4. Yunox

    Yunox Member

    There is a typo upload_2017-4-27_17-28-52.png
  5. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    It looks really good, but does it feature the same philips twin eye sensor as the mamba and other mice have?
  6. Cyber_Cat

    Cyber_Cat New Member

    yayy more Razer Chroma products :)
  7. westonwl

    westonwl New Member

    Never really used a wireless mouse before, but it cant hurt to try right?
  8. Zorn_

    Zorn_ Active Member

    Pretty disappointed in no dock, that was a really unique feature of the Mamba. Having an old micro-USB cord dangling around nearby for when you need to plug the mouse in is annoying. I have it sitting under the lip of my Blade so that it doesn't fall behind the desk, just looks stupid.
  9. Cyber_Cat

    Cyber_Cat New Member

    It says its the most advanced wireless mouse so take their word for it, besides twin sensors vs single sensor doesn't make a twin sensor a winner 'cause its about quality not quantity :) ;)
  10. Active13245

    Active13245 Active Member

    Well, we already did took their word, with Mamba, and we all know how did it end. I can say I'm just disappointed...
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  11. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    The wireless Razer Lancehead sports the laser sensor.
    The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition features the optical sensor.
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  12. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    that's not my point, but there is an issue with the pte sensor, and it's persists already 2 years now
    I don't see the sense in getting the best wireless connection with a sensor that is not accurate and has buggs
    so I'd really like to know which sensor is used
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  13. kaeizr

    kaeizr New Member

    It says it has Hyperesponse buttons (ala Mamba) on the tech specs page, does it mean it has adjustable click force?
  14. hartman556

    hartman556 Active Member

    It's sooooooooo cooool guys ! I love it. I will buy one for travelling in LANs. More information about the Synapse Pro ? It will be free or with monthly payment ? Because the actual Razer Synapse is... hum hum *bug* *no optimization* *bug* hum
  15. RazerNangu

    RazerNangu Member Staff Member

    It is an optical sensor on the TE. Thanks for pointing out the error!
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  16. Cyber_Cat

    Cyber_Cat New Member

    Why use laser sensors at all when all (or at least most) of your products are made for gaming. doesn't make sense
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  17. volvo

    volvo New Member

    ok so tell us. TE has pixart sensor assuming its performance...wireless has what sensor? again philips ?
  18. wiking19950309

    wiking19950309 Active Member

    Niiice :D it really looks like the new mamabe, but more symmetrical and wireless and ohhhhh :D such chroma much wow :D All hail to our great leader @Min-Liang Tan who blessed us with a new Razer mice!
  19. squeeze88

    squeeze88 Active Member

    I was expecting an Ouroborous v2.
    At least now it comes with built in memory to save precious profiles.
    But still i think the color is a bit off for the top side of the mice.
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  20. FearLezZ1990

    FearLezZ1990 Active Member

    OMG this is so astonishing amazing!!! Can't wait to buy it!
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