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Update for Raiju Ultimate??

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Rhomulous, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. Rhomulous

    Rhomulous New Member

    Well ................. so far so good with the update. No drift noticed. The lag is nearly unnoticeable now.

    Very, very slightly there. If it reverts back to pants performance or even worse I'll come back and let you know
  2. NameAlwaysInUse

    NameAlwaysInUse New Member

    Sure... Scuf Infinity & Impact, BurnControllers, Aimcontrollers and much more, cause they are based on the DS4. For 200€ you get a full customized PS4 Gamepad which is working fine.

    The Nacon cable ones are also working better than the Raiju Ultimate on cable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    It’s a pain in the ass that the customer is a alpha/beta tester for Razer

    @Rhomulous yes it’s better but the lag is not acceptable for this amount of money
  3. Nireus

    Nireus New Member

    that comes to the official DS4 controller chip....so basically every controller doesn't go with DS4 chip sucks somehow. Even some with it still do....sad!
  4. Evigtung

    Evigtung New Member

    I ordered a razor raiju ultimate, and expecting to get it on friday, i wonder if it will come with the firmware issues fixed, updated and good to go without any problems. After reading all the bad reviews, i am thinking if i should cancel my order, does not feel like razer is taking this seriously. It is my first razor product, i am a little worried now :frown_:.
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