[UPDATE] Razer Blade 15 ft. Intel 9th Gen processor

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Docilee

    Docilee New Member

    Hear hear!
    I'm no fan of the green light-up logo either - I second this appeal! Make it happen and I'll hand over my money! :)
  2. DBgaming_YT

    DBgaming_YT Member

    WOW, thats jus an amazing pc. How mutch is it?
  3. nicksparta

    nicksparta Member

    It will cost the same as your kidney or maybe slightly cheaper. Also, without the obnoxious green snakes, it will looks like a business laptop but instead made for gaming. WOW
  4. EmeraldBolt

    EmeraldBolt Member

    Dammit, I cannot find how much it will be here in Italy. I'm willing to buy one with the RTX 2070 Max-Q... I just hope it won't cost more than 2500 though I saw that in the UK store it costs 3k:frown_:, probably will have to sell a kidney.:joy: Anyway I can't wait to get my hands on one of these and finally get into gaming, 'cuz boy it's hard to play anything on a 920M:joy:
  5. nicksparta

    nicksparta Member

    What do you expect from Razer ? You are paying for the looks and brand. If other competitor able to make their machine to look like business laptop with superior built quality and hardware features, Razer will be force to drop their price. Kidney is better than gaming. Gaming is just not worth it and dont let it take over your life ! Or just get a new hobby rather than playing games. This hobby is too expensive
  6. EmeraldBolt

    EmeraldBolt Member

    Hahaha chill dude I was just kidding I'm not willing to sell any part of my body and I'm not "OMG I NEED IT RIGHT NOW!!", I'll be buying a new laptop when my savings will allow me and I like the laptop. At the moment I like this "blade with RTX" most from CES. I really need a better laptop since mine is getting old and less perfoming and old:joy:.
  7. nicksparta

    nicksparta Member

    YEAH ! But one day, we will see Nvidia and manufacturer will work on power, portability and battery life altogether. Me too am saving as well but unfortunately am too poor. By your referencing of your kidney is a serious case as multiple cases happens in reality. Look at China and iphone case. Selling kidney to afford an expensive iphone. Some idiot tell that young boy you can survive with one kidney, ended up paralyze.
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  8. EmeraldBolt

    EmeraldBolt Member

    Well I'm sad to hear that happened..poor kiddo..I didn't mean ill by referencing that
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  9. Asten__

    Asten__ Active Member

    Still there are things that fall under one's own responsibility - and selling one's kidney really qualifies as that - and just because there are sad cases of poor misguided ppl who were duped into doing such a thing happening does not mean one can not make a joke or a figure of speech - because honestly a lot of really cruel things happen in this world - so if we start to be offended by ppl who are saying something that reminds us or others of these cruelties then we soon may not talk at all - anything you say could be constructed to look like a reference to something awful.
    Also - this is a razer forum - you can expect ppl to a) be passionate about the hardware and b) be mature enough not to act on a figure of speech.
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  10. nicksparta

    nicksparta Member

    Well like it or not, its the reality and most of the pricing by them are a cost of kidney. You cant deny the facts. Am not offended. Its a fact !
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  11. EarLChieL

    EarLChieL Member

    well actually i can buy anytime
    i just confuse watching some review about the laptop
    is it really good
    or is it really worth

    but i just love em Logo anyway . hahaha
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  12. EmeraldBolt

    EmeraldBolt Member

    there aren't actual reviews with benchmarks and other tests sooo you'll have to wait to know if it is worth it or if it is actually good, but based on reviews from the older blade it seems to be a good gaming laptop
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  13. fyBiceps

    fyBiceps Member

    Gotta get it!!!
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  14. bizCanarysight795

    bizCanarysight795 New Member

    After you convinced yourself to pull the trigger and buy the Blade RTX, do you get the RTX2060, or RTX2070???.

    This will be my work (running couple of VM for testing) and some gaming. I have GTX1080 SLI at home for heavy duty gaming.
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  15. Skeith_0x5B

    Skeith_0x5B New Member

    If the new Stealth was anything to go by, one has to wonder what litany of defects this thing is gonna have when it launches.
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  16. csscsv

    csscsv New Member

    Are they going to release it today??
    I am in an urgent need for a laptop and gonna order one today. My first pick is R15 followed by MSI G65.
    Rtx series of G65 is out but I can’t find the same with R15.
    Can someone confirm me the release date of rtx series of R15?
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  17. EmeraldBolt

    EmeraldBolt Member

    Technically today is the release date of most of these "RTX laptops" but I haven't seen anything yet..
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  18. csscsv

    csscsv New Member

    Thanks for the information :) Maybe I will wait till the end of the day ;)
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  19. EmeraldBolt

    EmeraldBolt Member

    Ok I just checked on the razer store(U.S. version) aaand appearently you can buy a Razer Blade 15 with the RTX sooo go grab it:wink_:
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  20. csscsv

    csscsv New Member

    But in France only the rtx2070 is for sale, while 2060 and 2080 versions are yet to be released Maybe they will be for sale in a few minutes :)
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