[UPDATE] Razer Blade 15 ft. Intel 9th Gen processor

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, Jan 6, 2019.

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  1. RazerRanix

    RazerRanix Active Member

    I personnaly think that there is only 2 options with this new generation of RTX laptop:

    You want the best performance in a thin 15" laptop, you don t care about price/performance ratio: go rtx2080.

    You care about price/perfomance ratio or don't need/want the best: go maxq 1070 with big discount.

    At least that the way I see it.

    RTX is a gimmick for now, especially on a laptop where turning on RTX really give poor performance.

    DLSS might help in the future, but you pay expensive now for a tech that you will not enjoy before at least months.

    I am going for the 2080 because I can aford it and because I know that I will change at the next generation (especially with oled and better gpu).
    Else I might just have go for a 1070 maxQ at discount price.
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  2. fyBiceps

    fyBiceps Member

    Straight on my wishlist!!
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  3. steang

    steang New Member

    smart assessment.. was thinking of this myself.. my blade with 970 seems abit old now.... I wonder whether there is still value in the resale market for this beast of mine...
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  4. RazerRanix

    RazerRanix Active Member

    I am also coming from a 970m blade...
    Could nt play monster hunter and resident evil 2 is not good either.

    Time to upgrade.

    Something that I would love razer to clarify, are the second fonction with backlight only available on the US keyboard? That would be quite a bad move especially after promoting it for all tje other keyboard customers.
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  5. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    The RTX 2060 is the best compromise for price imo, glad it has a non-maxq version
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  6. RazerRanix

    RazerRanix Active Member

    Isn t the 2060 equal to the 1070 maxq?
    Isn t the 1070maxq available for less?

    I do think that the 2060 is not bad and may be a little bit more future proof than the 1070 maxq. But need to see the price difference.
  7. VoorheesMMA

    VoorheesMMA Well-Known Member

    one day ill get one im just grinding for that Nommo Pro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  8. Preystation

    Preystation Active Member

    Your laptop keyboard is this broken? Fonction, tje are all mispelt.
  9. FlamePlays_YT

    FlamePlays_YT New Member

    Awesome can’t wait to upgrade
  10. Preystation

    Preystation Active Member

    Trolling aside, did you guys see the benchmark results? On titles without ray tracing, at 4k, 2080 rtx is actually not performing well.

    Joikansai are you getting one?
  11. steang

    steang New Member

    Well... I actually still have my PS4 for that hahaha... guess im not true PCMASTERRACE.. i'm just a general gamer?
  12. steang

    steang New Member

    2080RTX totally blast all the other cards that are in the market. the one in the new blade is the maxq version, we see a rough 20% drop in performance.. that is of course we are talking about 1080 resolution...

    forgive me.. but gaming on 4k is nonsense because framerate/refresh is higher priority. especially in competitive titles...

    ray tracing is just too new and should be sort of ignored for now... im hoping for the 2080 without the ray tracing... they did have a leaked on the 1660 TI on the turing architecture.. but its a **60. not **80.... so.... if we are talking about desktop, we should just stick to the cheaper 1080 or get a 2070rtx and forget about the ray tracing abilities (if price is a concern)
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  13. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I'll stay with my 2018 Blade 15 advanced1 "rtx2070":smile_: I can still do this for fun:wink_:
  14. RazerRanix

    RazerRanix Active Member

    I think that rtx2080 maxq is Perfect to play at 1080p.
    I also think that with that panel size 4k is not relevant. I would Razer have 1080p oled 120hrz than 4k ops 120htz on next blade.

    If you plan to play at 4k on an external monitor may be it s better to invest on a 1060 gtx small laptop and a desktop solution.

    I am quite happy to know that this rtx2080 blade will offer really good performanceat 1080p and that all I ask it to do.

    I will try to use my finger properly and not press all my keyboard touch when typing.

    I hope to finally be able to order my laptop tomorrow once they finally approve my paiement method...
  15. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    You both are true. But keep in mind there’s also people who doesn’t play everyday Overwatch or CSGo, you don’t need 400fps on Resident Evil or Assassin Creed, quality is better than FPS fore some on those titles and according this Blade rtx 2070maxq can maintain AC Odyssey 50fps @4K very high setting which is insane if it’s true considering it’s 20fps improvement from 1070maxq Blade 2018 and maxq 2080 should be able do 60fps, but again if that guy said the true, because it’s Reddit and I struggle as well on my Blade 15 “2070”;) doing 4K at any setting.
  16. uncle_farkus

    uncle_farkus New Member

    I'm over here refreshing the store every 3 hours to see if the 4k model is available yet lol.
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  17. RazerRanix

    RazerRanix Active Member

    Can t you ask the chat support? They might be able to answer you.
  18. uncle_farkus

    uncle_farkus New Member

    They told me it's sold out and highly sought after. I haven't seen anybody who actually ordered one and never saw one for sale despite looking when they went live. So I dunno about all that.
  19. SBurani

    SBurani New Member

    Im doing the same, but with the 2070 Mercury White lol
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  20. Preystation

    Preystation Active Member

    Guys I got mine I'll be posting pic soon
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