UPDATE - Razer Chroma Configurator for Mac

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer | kooki, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. ithinkmynameismoose

    ithinkmynameismoose New Member

    Is there a difference between the configurator and synapse or are they the same thing?

    Right now what is the keyboard capable of with OS X?
  2. GamingAsesino

    GamingAsesino New Member

    yes, but the software just include basic features
  3. Veolan

    Veolan Member

    Let's be sure keep the topic and not divert to something else please. :)

    But yes, kinda. Chroma Configurator is built into Synapse. The current software only contains basic features like color changing keys, and a few presets. The rest of the macro settings are there, it's just some of the fancy light controls are lacking/not there. In other words, it's what the original software was capable of before the Configurator came out. Just Google some videos and I'm sure you'll find it. You won't be disappointed with Chroma on Mac just a little annoyed some cool features are missing.

    Anyways. Chroma Configurator for Mac please!
  4. chris70711

    chris70711 New Member

    is there a chroma mac keyboard? software and keys (command,option etc...)
  5. Veolan

    Veolan Member

    Well good news is I got word back from a Razor staff member via direct message on here that there will be an update soon and to stay tuned!

    I'm not going to give names since it was direct message but I thought I would give the word here and hopefully in the next week or so we have some news :)
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  6. The Chroma works perfectly fine for Mac. You can remap the alt/options and Windows key in System Preferences.
  7. I was talking to Kooki not too long ago and he said, "there will be an update soon. Stay tuned". I hope that he actually means it!
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  8. Veolan

    Veolan Member

    Well there was an update today, didn't include the configurator though. :slightly_sad:
  9. polyinfoPuceRed986

    polyinfoPuceRed986 New Member

    Time to enter hypersleep im setting it for 5 years if it comes out earlier wake me up Romilly_sleeptosaturn.jpg
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  10. Veolan

    Veolan Member

    Sounds like a good plan, I'll go in hypersleep too. See you in 5 years.

    Hopefully sooner..
  12. Veolan

    Veolan Member

    It's unfortunate indeed.
  13. bensnook1

    bensnook1 New Member

    didn't they originally say aiming for end of march/april? ( can't remember what one of the months )
  14. Veolan

    Veolan Member

    Hmmmm... Lol
  15. Veolan

    Veolan Member

    Yes end of March was the plan.
  16. Starlorday

    Starlorday New Member

    pretty sure half-life 3 will come out b4 this update
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  17. Starlorday

    Starlorday New Member

    Might wanna set it for another 10
  18. Id get better support from comcast...
  19. countyheadOnyx172

    countyheadOnyx172 New Member

    Brutal.... I wouldn't go quite that far yet.
  20. kushal

    kushal Member Staff Member

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