UPDATE - Razer Chroma Configurator for Mac

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer | kooki, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. Bekzod

    Bekzod New Member

    We sure hope it is :/ lol just kidding. How MUCH LONGER ?!?!?! :D
  2. Bekzod

    Bekzod New Member

    I saw the pic, I have windows on my mac but its a pain to switch since I just use mac most of the time. Only time I use windows is when i play CS:GO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. kushal

    kushal Member Staff Member

  4. tephiestephie

    tephiestephie New Member

    Glad that it's finally out, but I seem to be having some major issues with it. Got to play around with it for maybe two minutes (checking out the ripple effect), before it crashed, shut off the lights on my keyboard and will not reopen. I've reinstalled it and restarted my computer. Still unable to open Synapse at all at this point and therefore I am stuck with an unlit Chroma keyboard. Huge bummer.
  5. countyheadOnyx172

    countyheadOnyx172 New Member

    Installed. Definitely some bugginess. From time to time it seems to switch back to a different profile when switching between OSX and vmware fusion. Might just do a clean install and re-import my configs as I had these configs on another PC then imported them long before chroma configurator was actually installed on this Mac.
  6. leetTansigns058

    leetTansigns058 New Member

    It seems to work fine on my mac
  7. Veolan

    Veolan Member

    Thanks so much!

    I'm having a smooth experience with the Chroma Configurator myself and I haven't ran into any apparent bugs.

    I'm just really happy it's finally out now and this ripple effect madness *_*

    Plus it released the same day as Ekko on League of Legends, perfect timing!
  8. I finnally came out im shitting myself about how happy i am
  10. Bringer-of-Rayne

    Bringer-of-Rayne New Member

    FINALLY! Definitely Buggy usable.
  11. the sdk will be available too ?
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  12. Topazwirebiz730

    Topazwirebiz730 New Member

    Ok, so I'm hearing that if you buy the Windows Chroma keyboard, you can now use it on a Macbook Pro using Synapse/Chroma control. Is that right?
  13. Razer|Alentra_xf_rzr

    Razer|Alentra_xf_rzr Well-Known Member

    Yes, that is right. You can use both Razer Synapse and the Advanced Chroma Configurator on your Macbook Pro.
  14. Milk.Rabbit

    Milk.Rabbit New Member

    when will the Chroma Adv Configurator available for BW Tournament Chroma on Mac?
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