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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Administrator Staff Member


    The update for the new build of Razer Synapse on macOS Sierra is now live!

    If you're encountering any new issues, DO NOT post in the thread below about the bugs you are facing, instead click on the gear icon at the top right hand corner of Razer Synapse and submit your bug report there. Alternatively, please reach out to us through our Support Team.

    Hey Insiders,

    We have received feedback from our Mac user community about issues that have been encountered with the latest build of Razer Synapse with macOS 10.12 Sierra. Our engineers are working on an update to Razer Synapse that will fix the issues that are currently being reported. The fix will be available during the next Razer Synapse software update that is expected on October 1st.

    The upcoming software update will address the following:
    • A specific bug that causes Razer keyboards to stop functioning when Razer Synapse is installed on macOS 10.12 Sierra
    • System crashes when updating to the latest Synapse version for macOS 10.12 Sierra
    • A bug where the Ripple and Reactive Chroma lighting effects did not work for macOS 10.12 Sierra.
    We apologize once again for the inconvenience and are working to ensure that this will be addressed as soon as possible.

    Razer Synapse  Update.png

    As an immediate remedy, please follow these steps to get your product working again:
    1. Unplug all Razer Keyboards, Mice, or Keypad.
    2. Delete RazerHID.kext found in “/Library/Extensions/RazerHID.kext”
    3. Restart your system and ensure the Kernel extension is deleted.
    Once completed, your Razer Peripherals will begin to work. However, Keyboard assignment and macros will still not be available.

    Please note that upcoming Razer Synapse patch will put the kernel extension back in place automatically. Do contact Razer Support if you have any further issues.
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  2. Has anyone managed to get any of the Sierra betas to work with Synapse, or know of a public beta version of Synapse since the latest release doesn't support it? Now that Sierra is GM, I'd like to use it on my production Mac. Under the two betas I tested it with it didn't work at all.
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  3. RaptureHearts

    RaptureHearts Gamer Geek Girl

    We unfortunately do not support macOS betas or Sierra at this moment. We do not have any beta versions currently available for Synapse. I do apologize for the inconvenience.
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  4. chaz4070

    chaz4070 New Member

    Sierra was announced for public availability later this month. Razer has to know that people that use their products are early adopters. When can we expect a synapse version that works with Sierra?
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  5. Hello, I assume you are now aware that Apple have announced general availability of MacOS Sierra on 20th September. Are you likely to have synapses working for then? Might as well throw the thing away as no profiles or even leds work currently.

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  6. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    With Apple, you should know by now not to update to the new OS until it is out of Beta and at least on it's third iteration. Most software developers need extra time to make sure that their products work 100% with the new OS releases anyway. Shoot, there's professional video playback software, Playback Pro Plus, that still doesn't even work with El Capitan yet. Best idea is to wait until the software you use a lot is compatible with the new OS, and THEN update OS.

    "Early adopter" is synonymous with "early complainer". Razer will let us know when they're product is 100% with compatible with Sierra.
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  7. Hello,

    The point of Beta testing products is to find out what works and doesnt work, not just for the OS but all the other products and software. As a serial beta tester I inform any company that their product is not working. Your point about just wait until its ready really isn't good enough. If I as a consumer were to buy a Razer keyboard after 20th September I would probably return it as it doesnt work. All we are looking for is assurances that they are developing for Sierra and some indication of timescales.

    I appologiese for my throw it away rant as thats not helpful or constructive.

    As a consumer we shouldnt be held back from using the latest products and software just because 1 company are unable to update their software in time. Synapses is the only piece of software I use that doesnt work with Sierra. All my other software, peripherals and hardware work well.

    All the best.
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  8. I agree that a "Show Critical Computer" or a computer used in a critical environment should not be updated until it is a little more stable. I do not use my Mac in a critical environment and the keyboard functions in that if I hit a key it works. The only problem is the Synapses software. I can live with no lights in the meantime and not having a back light isn't the end of the world but it would be nice to know how long it will be unsupported. Having the new functionality afforded by Sierra is more of a benefit than the back light.

    So in a way I am "sucking it up". That doesn't mean that I should not let companies know when their product doesn't work.

    If we all just sit back and not apply pressure to businesses then everything would take longer.

    The public beta has been around for a while and as a developer they have access even earlier than the public.

    The least Razer can do is to be able to provide some kind of roadmap. It can only help them as until they have a date / roadmap people can not make informed decisions on whether to purchase a new Razer keyboard.
  9. @PTSinger I know it's not unusual for anyone to call up or email a support service like Figure 53 and take their word as the gospel truth. It is not standard practice to provide negative comments about 3rd party products or voice any opinion about them at all, however, because it could be interpreted as slander. So regardless, his opinion that all Apple x.0 releases are buggy is likely just his personal opinion and not the actual perspective of his employer. It is standard for software developers to be granted early access to operating system releases, which Apple always does and has always announced publicly that developers will get really access during every Keynote they have announced a new software release. The fact that Razer hasn't taken advantage of that opportunity or is lagging behind because there aren't as many Mac users using their products or hasn't made this priority is still disappointing.

    I absolutely agree that beta versions of anything should only be installed on personal computers for people brave enough or willing to deal with these kinds of issues. macOS Sierra is now out of beta and those who were beta testers taking advantage of the official release version before it is publicly released should be able to do so without having to deal with most, if not all of the problems that came with the beta version. I have never personally experienced any issues at all when updating to the latest version of Apple's software. I have never seen any validated references that would indicate that their software is always buggy, mostly just a few individuals who congregate together and get really vocal with their complaints.

    Personally, I plan to investigate to find out if any of the other peripheral companies like Logitech have the same response as Razer and will likely purchase their products the next time I'm in the market for a new mouse, keyboard or keypad instead. I like the Razer products, but I've had issues with them and their customer service over the past year and this kind of response (more of a lack of response in this case) is not one that makes me want to continue being a Razer customer.
  10. Mewnor

    Mewnor New Member

    So now with 1.57.2 we have lights but no keyboard input. Unbelievable.

    I can use Chroma configurator fine I can have custom lights. But the moment it fires up the Synapse software all keyboard input is lost.
  11. chaz4070

    chaz4070 New Member

    Same thing happened to me when I installed that update a day or two ago. Wasn't sure if it was just my setup so I didn't post anything about it. My Razer keyboard also stopped recognizing the input but ONLY after the login screen when the Synapse software loaded. I could input my password fine at login... I have uninstalled the software to get my keyboard working again.
  12. Mewnor

    Mewnor New Member

    That describes my exact experience. I hope now we are at GM that this can be sorted as a matter of urgency. Razer with update 1.57.2 have made the keyboard unusable without uninstalling the software!!
  13. techwebFandango198

    techwebFandango198 New Member

    I had this problem as well (no keyboard input once the Razer software loaded). I predict an avalanche of support tickets on Sept 20th if Razer don't release a working update by then!
  14. As a developer that have to adopt early to get his programs ready for when release is out i would expect that at least my keyboard works. A computer is not only a gaming console, nor all early adopters do it by choice.
  15. When it comes to future peripheral purchases - wether or not they become totally useless when I need to update software for work will be a large part of my purchasing decision going forward.

    I didn't need to update until now, but I feel someone on your engineering team should have "had" to update months ago when they first came out with betas, as that's part of where I expect the money to go when I purchase a product - especially if you're marketing yourself as having "cutting edge" products.
  16. 13XxM1CHA3lxX37

    13XxM1CHA3lxX37 New Member

    Are you serious? We got the GM, release is in 3 days...
    C'mon you're Razer and sell premium products for a whole lot of money and not some shitty chrinese peripherals company that sells €1 products. I expect you to release a new synapse asap... With El Capitan you had a simple fix
  17. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    It really seems to me that everybody here should be contacting support instead of creating an account to tell the Razer Community that awesome Razer peripherals aren't working with a beta release of an OS . . . most people here are on Windows machines anyway.

    I'm with you: I want my awesome Razer gear to work with my MacBook Pro exactly like it does when I run Bootcamp. However, 20 years of updating my Mac OS just to have stuff I need NOT work with the new OS right away has taught me patience in these things. Yes, 20 years, and it's been the same with every Mac OS release.

    It's a personal choice to upgrade to the newest and shiniest thing right away, and yes, it's a personal choice to go somewhere else for your peripherals. Razer's tagline, "For Gamers. By Gamers." Most PC gamers are on PCs, not Macs. We are not their priority. I love the gear anyway; they get a pass from me on this.
  18. Overtask

    Overtask Well-Known Member

    Shall not be updating, thanks for the heads up. I have Sierra on my secondary machine, but that doesn't have any Razer peripherals plugged into it.
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  19. I can confirm the latest update breaks my Razer Chroma for keyboard input. I have an older BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 that does work.

    I will look to see if I can get the older driver, if not, my Corsair K95 RGB is working with Open Source drivers, so I guess I'll use that until Razer has usable drivers.
  20. Sepiapolydata374

    Sepiapolydata374 New Member

    When I installed Sierra GM on my Macbook last Friday, I restarted for the first time and ran into a reboot loop. Took me a little while to try unplugging my peripherals, and then a little while longer to narrow it down to my Naga. Every time I plug in the Naga while Synapse is running, my laptop instantly crashes. Yes, I uninstalled Synapse and I'm back to the 5-button mouse experience like it's 2005.

    The same thing is going to people next week when non-developers get to install Sierra. It doesn't matter if Razer has an update issued the same day. The crashes will have already happened.

    The proper time to issue the update was already a few weeks ago, at least. That way people have time to be notified of and run the update.
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