[Update] Razer Synapse and macOS Sierra

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Here's a post from a Razer Staff:

    Possibly. As we all know, Razer is unpredictable in all cases.
    It could mean everything, from new Hardware to finally fully support the Chroma family.

    Maybe they mean the new Ornata Keyboard.

    We will have to wait until they release some more informations :)
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  2. DarkTaninfodaily772

    DarkTaninfodaily772 New Member

    unbelievable how they made the situation even worse. you just lost a customer.
  3. Lost another customer... as soon as I can I'll sell mouse + keyboard and buy something better for mac. Disappointing.

    Thanks a lot. I'll sell this stuff as soon as possible and buy something else for mac gaming. This is too much...
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  4. Damn it, I only found this thread now. Stupidly I went to the support page for the naga, expecting to see any incompatibility issue listed there (I know, how naive of me) and when I saw none, I went ahead and upgraded. Now the side keys on my naga do not work in conjunction with the shift key. Very annoying.

    I understand if this issue was during Sierra's beta, but it has gone live, shouldn't they have checked for any issues during the beta period? Isn't that the purpose of that period? This is terribly unprofessional, if the Apple market is too small for Razer to spare the man-hours to beta test their products, that is fine, tell us, we understand market economics, don't claim support on your page and then make us go through this.

    I have submitted a ticket, let us see how they handle this.
  5. I wrote a support ticket to get some attention to the problem or when they might fix it.
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  6. I did too, but from what I have seen, it is gonna be a while.
  7. Sepiapolydata374

    Sepiapolydata374 New Member

    To be fair, they don't claim support. The version of Synapse everyone is having a problem with says that it supports 10.9 to 10.11. But people are going to assume it works for Sierra anyway, and of course Synapse isn't disabled upon updating so it causes this kernel panic... They should really have a custom launcher with a version check written in to disable it in the event of an unsupported OS. They should have had that from the beginning, and it should be part of the installer.
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  8. Fair enough, you make a good point, it does claim support up to 10.11 only, but as you said, people would expect the equipment to work with a new OS, this is what you would expect from a half-decent company, and is really disappointing that they dropped the ball this way. I can't really think of any peripheral that I have owned that had this issue, but maybe I just got lucky.
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  9. Well you were right, I updated this morning and didn't even think about my Razor and Synapse assuming they were professionals and would avoid this fiasco for their customers. My workstation has come to a standstill and now I am wasting the day looking for alternative software and getting something set up. How does something like this happen with a multi-million dollar company?
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  10. JoeyAnthony

    JoeyAnthony New Member

    Just stumbled upon this thread after upgrading to Sierra and trying to get my DeathAdder working. This is my first Razer product for my Mac and, and I have to admit, ignoring a major OS update like this really makes me reconsider buying any more of their products in the future. Sierra was announced months ago. There's really no excuse at this point.
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  11. retroreviewTaupe667

    retroreviewTaupe667 New Member

    Similarly, Synapse is not working for my DeathAdder. Sierra was not a sudden, "surprise!" update, it's been publicly known for a long while now with beta testing available. There was plenty of notice before it released - no reason to not expect Razer to have had this working by now.
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  12. New update this morning, claiming "new product support for Mac users. Stay tuned for what they are...".
    My BlackWidow Chroma keyboard continues to be a paperweight.
    HOW can you release an update for forthcoming unreleased products and NOT support your CURRENT users?
    This is beyond ridiculous.
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  13. JoeyAnthony

    JoeyAnthony New Member

    Okay, now I'm throughly confused. Just received an update for Synapse - but it doesn't seem to fix any of the issues with my DeathAdder Chroma?
  14. correct, they did an update to "bring us new products"...Like we have any interest in that when your current product doesn't work...
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  15. DarkTaninfodaily772

    DarkTaninfodaily772 New Member

    there are now articles about this on techradar etc.
    could it be a calculated "crime" to gain some publicity? who knows...
  16. steven.duh.13

    steven.duh.13 New Member

    try reset the deathadder profile on other PC (or older Mac) and bring it back?
  17. Bad publicity? I just really hope that Razer get affected for this.. I always had issues on mac that are not present on windows, yet Razer happily advertises it as OSX compatible.
  18. DarkTaninfodaily772

    DarkTaninfodaily772 New Member

    bad publicity doesn´t matter. what sticks in the long run is the name. people forget the negative thing.
  19. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    So just because a company has problems with their products, it's a crime?
    Let's remember that for the next bendgate.
  20. An explosion of comments here as expected. Where did the Razer PR team/community managers go? This is really disappointing, certainly not going to buy anymore Razer products. Pity I really love the rainbow lights...
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