Upgrading to the New Razer Gold and Razer Silver

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Dekades, Dec 3, 2018.

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  1. TheShadowRO

    TheShadowRO New Member

    i'm living somewhere in Europe ... and not see the point of your question here.

    @Japopoy ... i giveup on paypal for now, and succede to reload gold with skrill, you should try with other payments avaible to your location
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  2. natewu

    natewu Member

    Well I live in Canada, and do not see the point of your reply here.
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  3. fyBiceps

    fyBiceps Member

    I just redeemed goliathus chroma and the prices are 20k less. Rip luck :slightly_sad:
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  4. Tremeo

    Tremeo New Member


    Fist i paid thru Razer buying a online game and everything was fine, then suddenly maintenance appeared. I could not confirmed my thru Razer payments thru my bank because it always failed. So i tried MOL thru Dragon pay just this 1st day of the month of December i received confirmation the third of the day i was upset because MOL reply confirmation thru my email was Failed due to - Error: Your account is not registered in our system yet o_O WHAT? i tried to online chat customer support they just give me Ticket and Case number. then until now i cant used my gold. Please expedite this issue it should be fix lots of customer including me was not happy about it.
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  5. Bloodoranges05

    Bloodoranges05 New Member

    Does zvault have a call number ? So i could just talk to them bout some problems ?
  6. Tremeo

    Tremeo New Member

    I did chat with them... thats all i did in my part.
  7. hanlinoo

    hanlinoo New Member

    Please help me. I cannot upgrade my zgold account. My account was detected as zgold left in the wallet.

    • I clicked proceed, get started and then
    • Do not have MOL acc and mark check box and then
    • Cannot log into razer service account and it said

      "Something went wrong. Please try again later."
  8. YipFay

    YipFay New Member

    New feel new prices loving it!
  9. MotMot018

    MotMot018 New Member

    Same with me, can't reload using paypal *sigh
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  10. GskullGaming

    GskullGaming Active Member

    Having this same issue with zsilver.
  11. topher82

    topher82 New Member

    They totally just nerfed the zSilver system from what it started out as, could of been a very good thing but for now I am just more disappointed!
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  12. _Arrow_

    _Arrow_ New Member

    Same problem with me until now.
  13. Akimbowles

    Akimbowles Active Member

    The lack of option for UK £ as a currency bothers me with this new system.
    Can't just select Europe and deal with Euros, because not everything that works regionally in Europe works in the UK. They really need to add more currencies.
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  14. ok, im from Molpoints, which i use to reload my mobile, now new razer thingy, cant find mobile reloads anymore. help
  15. Izuzusama

    Izuzusama New Member

    Same problem as well
  16. Shadow00R

    Shadow00R New Member

    Any plans to connect Razer Gold and Silver with the eWallet Razer Pay?
  17. Gibson7

    Gibson7 Well-Known Member

    i seriously hope so
  18. ch4nd3y

    ch4nd3y New Member

    transaction still pending from 2days (via VISA). And PayPal didn't load for too many attempts. RazerGold is hard.
  19. ch4nd3y

    ch4nd3y New Member

    my too, i tried through VISA and its pending from two days!
  20. Rome09

    Rome09 New Member

    I reloaded with skrill and the amount was deducted from my skrill account however, i did not receive the gold and the transaction is pending from razer's side. Its not even showing in the razer transaction list. On my skrill account it says it's already processed. Please help, sent a ticket and PM moderators. Still not getting any resolutions to this issue.
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