[US/CA Only] Razer zSilver Raffle (BETA)

Discussion in 'Razer zVault' started by Razer.WolfPack, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Community Specialist Staff Member

    Hi everyone!

    The Razer zSilver raffle has ended. Thank you for taking part in this, stay tuned for the winner's announcement on January 4th.

    For those who took part, or for fans who have any feedback, share them with us so our next raffle can be a better one!
  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Good Luck Everyone!
    I think for the next one you should let people see there raffle numbers on the ZVault or Raffle Page somewhere, just so they can keep track of them, that is if that is the way the winners will be announced, would not really matter if it was just all done by email or name.
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  3. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    did i win?! my mug is calling out to me!!!
  4. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    The winners were announced on the Raffle site today. Take a peek there and see if you won.
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  5. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

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  6. kajira

    kajira Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to all the winners!!! :smile_::smile_::smile_:
  7. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    Would it be alright for you to divulge the amount of entrants and amount of tickets bought? Really curious about that data. :)
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  8. Chromakid1989

    Chromakid1989 Active Member

    I wont try it since they want us to waste away all of our zsilver before the P2P expired and what is the chance of winning since some players that had like 90k or above zsilver compared to us that only got 20k zsilver when the P2P expired :/
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