[US/Canada] An Insider-only Event *Sale over*

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Mar 11, 2015.

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  1. rober1713

    rober1713 New Member

    The hype is too damn high but... im from EU Q.Q but well... what i want the most is the razer nabu xD
  2. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    The first post has been updated - hope you guys enjoy what we have for you :)
  3. slifertroll

    slifertroll Member

    would razer like to give me the money to get the blade as well? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hahaha but seriously.. I need money for this.. :/
  4. SH4D0WZ0MB1E

    SH4D0WZ0MB1E Active Member

    Cool sale, but sadly I can't afford a blade at this time.
  5. greatking

    greatking Active Member

    Great savings, but still so expensive... lol
    Maybe 50% off lol
  6. LemonSpider

    LemonSpider Member

    This hurts me to see this deal just go by... Thx for the discounts anyways though razer!
  7. Deadman34

    Deadman34 Member

    Good luck to everyone trying to buy a Razer Blade in this sale! I have no need for a laptop with my desktop so thats one less person for everyone to compete with!

    some tips from previous sales that gave me success are to
    1. have your code prepared ahead of time;
    2. pre-add the item to your cart about 5-15 minutes before (note if you add too early it will time out and be removed from your cart and when you try and purchase you will have to readd it to your cart making you take longer); and
    3. try to enter the code a little before the designated time as sometimes it opens a minute or two early.

    again, good luck!
  8. kayodoc

    kayodoc New Member

    Funny how the 2014 Blade's price went from $1899 to $2099 and finally at the current $2399. This is a joke right? Please tell me this is an error that'll be fixed before the sale goes live.
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  9. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    To clarify, this is due to the lapse of a promo on the RazerStore - which was a US$300 off the Blade with Classic Blue peripherals bundled in.

    The MSRP of the 256GB model of the Razer Blade is $2399, and for this independent promotion specially for our Insiders, we're offering it at 30% off the MSRP, i.e. non-Insiders without the coupon will have to purchase it at full price since there is no other promos running for the public.

    I'm sure an eagle-eyed fan like you would be able compare, and tell which promo's better ;)
  10. Ailleus

    Ailleus Member

    Hi Razer,

    Thank you for the discount. Too bad its not for the Blade 2015:).

  11. freakoftech

    freakoftech Active Member

    Why is this Razer Blade more expensive than the New Razer Blade Pro? (without the code)
  12. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    They are 2 different products from size to screen with the Razer Blade sporting an IGZO QHD+ display and the Blade Pro a Full HD display.
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  13. Axon14

    Axon14 New Member

    I don't see the code? Am I too late?

    EDIT: oops 8 pm. derp
  14. ExpectDefeat

    ExpectDefeat New Member

    I just got my Blade a few weeks ago and I love it, but if I had known.... Oh well I am still loving my blade! Anyone getting in on this is lucky!
  15. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Giving you guys some headsup!
  16. I don't understand where I find the promo code - on "insider.razerzone.com" or on "store.razerzone.com"? Also, does it only appear at 8pm PST?

    Though I'm writing from Switzerland I have an address and an account in the US, so I really ought to be able to make this happen - only I ran into the same problem last time they did one of these 30% off things ...
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  17. Sedlom

    Sedlom New Member

    Im having the same problem, I am not seeing a code appear on the homepage.
  18. we made sure we took care with every detail. The alumin(a)+ (i)um case is truly a wonder of .... wait.. I started to channel Jony.. scary..
  19. busOrangePeelbiz218

    busOrangePeelbiz218 New Member

    Very nice. I wish I had money.
  20. busOrangePeelbiz218

    busOrangePeelbiz218 New Member

    Kinda sucks that the offer is valid on the old Blade :slightly_sad:
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