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US Razer Blade in Europe, what about warranty now?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Makyura, Nov 28, 2015.

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  1. Makyura

    Makyura Member

    Hello, I've bought November the 26th (yea, FML, one day before the announcement) a Razer Blade 14 off BH, since a friend who lives in the US offered to carry it overseas for me.

    What now? It's gonna be released in EU with a 2 years warranty, while mine's got 1 only and the TOS say it's only valid for the US Tech center (which I'm supposed to send it to, to then pay forwarding fees to get it back in Italy).

    Will my warranty be valid for the EU tech center too now that the system is being sold over here?

    I know a few more EU customers who've bought their system in my way who are kinda upset now, if Razer won't offer some "extension" to the EU center for their laps too.

    I can still ask my friend to return my notebook to buy it back in the EU store, but it'd be such a useless hassle both for me and for the company while it could just be fixed up by extending warranties, isn't it?

    Does anyone know the answer to this question already, by having called or contacted support somehow yesterday? Or can anyone from the company tell us what to do?

    Thank you and by the way, congratz on having finally released this piece of beauty and power in EU too!
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