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Using other 3rd party USB dacs?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Kantana, Dec 18, 2017.

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  1. Kantana

    Kantana New Member

    Has anyone successfully used other USB dacs apart from the bundled Razer dongle?
    I used an Ultrasone Naos USB-C dongle that connected but it will randomly disconnect. Tried using Android drivers as well as custom drivers in apps like UAPP and Neutron. This same Ultrasone dac can connect reliably on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and ZTE Axon 7.
    For further testing I tried using a Chord Hugo where the HD USB port also randomly disconnects. Same results from a Teac desktop dac.
    My question is whether anyone has used a third party USB-C dac successfully and reliably without any disconnects with the Razer phone, if so, what make and model was it?
  2. ElectricSun

    ElectricSun New Member

    Meridian Explorer 2 DAC

    I am streaming"bit perfect" with the TIDAL app through USB Audio player Pro app.

    Very happy with this combo. I also use it with my Galaxy S8. The Explorer 2 is my favorite portable DAC for my particular needs.
  3. Raizerleaf

    Raizerleaf New Member

    Not just with DACs but i find 3rd party USB cables to be very hit or miss with this phone (with it mostly being miss).
    USB-C to USB-A cables will either connect/disconnect constantly while i have it connected to a computer or will only do it periodically.

    the USB-C to USB-C cable from my Nexus will only charge my phone on my computer, I can't transfer files at all compute doesn't register the phone as a device at all. But with the cable provided by Razer it works perfectly.
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