Using Razer Keyboard with a Mac???

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Gwcheney1130, Jan 15, 2015.

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  1. cobraconnect

    cobraconnect New Member

    you should consider getting a black widow. would work perfectly for you since you game and work. :)
  2. Lycurgus396

    Lycurgus396 New Member

    I use the blackwiddow and its great, hope you find the answer your after
  3. I have a Cherry MX
  4. The BW Ultimate 2013 always worked to any Mac I plugged it into.
  5. JordeeUK

    JordeeUK New Member

    ive been using the Black Widow Ultimate on my 2012 27" iMac in both Mac and PC environments without any issues. Purely for gaming on the PC side and it works just as well for everything else on the Mac side
  6. kestertan

    kestertan New Member

    To the guy asking about the razer keyboard with the screen: Awhile ago I inquired about the Razer Deathstalker Ultimate and whether it would be mac-compatible, but the answer was no. I don't think they've changed it since. I was really interested in it for music production actually, because having all the shortcuts handy would be pretty cool!
  7. I have the BlackWidow Pro 2013 on my Mac and it sits perfectly. The keyboard is probably the best on the market and I love it to bits.
  8. Get the Chroma! Its a great keyboard and works perfect with Apple computers!
  9. metatron23

    metatron23 New Member

    I only wish that Chroma would have Mac layout.
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  10. Hi guys! I recently bought a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 during the CES sales and (I swear I clicked on the mac layout option and proceed to checkout, and they delivered a US layout to me instead) don't want to make a refund because I really really really want to use the keyboard for my iMac. Before I unbox mine to try it out, could anyone advise me on whether this US layout keyboard will work on my imac without a hitch? Especially with the "command" key missing :confused_:

    Thanks in advance!!!
  11. Jasper yong_no_id

    Jasper yong_no_id New Member

    If I have a Mac laptop with Only 1 headphone plug thing and they give you 2 to plug in. will I still be able to connect the blackwidow chroma to my laptop
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